1743. Prophecy and Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 23 June 2003 at 8:20 AM in Tongues, Spanish and English.


The Lord gave me a vision of a ship, and the ship split lengthwise down the middle.



Disgusting, disgusting, all that I see is disgusting! The things of man make Me want to vomit. Yes, yes Reymundo, it is all disgusting - ALL! Yes, yes there it goes, all to the pit with the flame of the devil. All is going to the pit. The things that I see - I do not want to see. The things I hear - I do not want to hear. Yes, all is bad, all is filthy. The people of the world want peace, but all they are going to find is war, and the war is going to kill what is disgusting - the filthy war, what is dead is filthy.

I do not know, for years and years I tell people to clean themselves. And what do they do? They put women to dance without clothes. They believe they are so beautiful, but in My Eyes they are disgusting. Dancing and moving all of their body with the flame of the devil. They pay them a lot of money. You see them on television, in the movies, singing and moving their body. Believing they are so beautiful. Yes, yes. But all that I see is the pit. And the men behind these women, the men who make the money with the programs, with the records - they too are disgusting from the top of their head to their feet - filthy from the heart, filthy in the mind with the little women that know how to move their body. They do not have respect for their body. They do not have respect for their God. They do not have respect for anything.

The devil, he likes it - oh yes! The more they move - the more joy it gives the devil. For he knows here comes the sin behind the moving body. Yes, what a shame - there are the men looking at the women who are moving. And there is the devil at one side giving them joy. Yes, just like it happened in the days passed, when I killed and took away all that was revolting. There you can read it in the Bible. That is what is going to happen. I am going to clean all that is revolting. The people, who are in this kind of music and dancing, believing they are on top of the world with joy, with money. But here comes the day that the ground is going to open up and they are going to fall inside. And the world is going to eat them with the flame of the devil.

Yes, I tell them and I tell them, and I tell them to clean themselves. But they want to do what they want. They do not want to hear Me. They believe the music, the words are so beautiful, but they are of the flame of the devil - of the tongue of the devil. Songs about drugs - Songs about sex - Songs about all that is filthy. What a shame, but that is the manner of man, this is the manner of money. It has arrived, the day of My Hand to the point. Yes, Reymundo it has arrived, all - all that I have told you. Yes, write it, put it down. Tell the people who want to hear that your Father, with the Son, with the Holy Spirit is angry for all that is filthy. Yes, the filth that they see at the movies, the filth of the songs, the filth of the mind, the filth that people see with their eyes.

Yes, then the people wonder and have worries because families are breaking up. Because their husbands leave with other women and the wives leave with other men, and because the sons and daughter are dying for they have no one to take care of them. I see ALL! From one family comes out another filthy family. Then from the last one, one filthier, - and in that way the whole world grows of filth, on top of filth, on top of filth. And the devil has much joy. Yes.

But I, the God who made all with My Hands, with My Spirit, with My Son, it gives Me Tears with the things I see. But I do not forget a thing. Here comes the day, it is already written down in the Heart of God, the date, when I am going to clean up all that is filthy. Yes, Reymundo, tell the world here comes the Father. Here comes the Son. Here comes the Holy Spirit with the Force of Force. I know that people do not believe Me, but that is not important because people are filthy. And I am only going to save what is clean. Clean in the eyes. Clean in the ears. Clean in the heart. Here comes the day of God with the Force of God. Yes, here it comes.



Remember the prostitute. Remember the prostitute that entices men to do evil. Remember the devil was at the head of the bed of the prostitute. The eyes of man are weak when it comes in doing something righteous, something good. The eyes of man are bold and strong, when it comes to doing evil. Yes, the heart of America, the heart of Russia, the heart of Europe is evil and that evil breeds evil. And eventually that evil becomes, what they think is good and what is bad becomes good. And what is good becomes bad, - the big switch.

I know that the promoters are eager to do business with anything that is sexual, whether it is in the movies, whether it is in music. What is so sad are the Christian songs. They try to make them like the world. They try to make them sound worldly, trying to attract followers. The minute you try to imitate the world you are imitating Satan. For what does good have to do with evil? Why do your songs have to sound sexy, sound worldly, when you are praising the Lord? Why do you imitate the things of the devil and put a Christian label on it, to sound cute, to look cute?

You think God is stupid? Do you think God is blind? Do you think that God doesn't see your pride and your ego, when you get on stage with your fancy clothes and your fancy hair dues preaching the name of God with the manners of the devil? You are not fooling anyone. You might fool some of the sheep, some of the sheep might turn into goats, but that will be on your head. For every goat you create you will be held responsible. God is basic. God is straight. God is true. His Words do not come back void. You do not have to sugarcoat them. You do not need fancy hair dues, short dresses, and jewelry, and ear rings, rings to glamorize yourselves to sing the Word of God. You are fooling yourself. The things of the world are going to die with the world, whether it is a pastor in his $500.00 suite, fancy watch, hair due, and toupee. If God made you bald - you should be proud of it. Why cover up your beautifulness with a hairpiece? God looks at the heart. The devil looks at your pride. Looking nice whether it is with a hairpiece, whether it is with fancy clothes, whether you are a woman or a man, I am looking at your heart and you will pay for the pride, for the ego.

The things of God are simple and straight. The Words of God do not come back void. You do not have to make the words rime. You do not have to tell a little story with a punch line at the end. So everybody will say: "Ooh, why didn't I think of that? Oh, that is so clever." Because you are not clever in My Eyes with your little sayings, your little riddles, your little stories. You are trying to be entertaining. I do not want you to entertain - I want you to give My Word. I want you to explain My Word and I want you to FOLLOW My Word! I do not want you to go to the right. I do not want you to go to the left. Did you hear Me? Singers of the world, of the Word, you Christians, you pastors. You follow the world, - you die with the world.

You tell people to seek money in stead of the Word of God - YOU DIE! You teach people to name it and claim it - YOU DIE! You teach people the things of the devil using the Name of Jesus Christ - YOU DIE! Did I make My Point Clear, Direct and to the Point? I know there are ministries there, that started out correctly, but the power and the glory overcame them. I know because I see. I see everything. The Power of God is direct, is to the point! The ones who are blind are the people of the world. I know many pastors, many Christian singers are not going to like this message, but I am not here to tickle your ears, to tell you that you are good, that you are great. I am telling you that you are ACCOUNTABLE and you are going to pay. And I won't accept any excuses that someone led you this way or that way. Because I am telling you right now, take off that stupid jewelry. Take off those worldly clothes. Take off those hairpieces. Stop trying to look cute - PREACH MY WORD! Do you want to be cute and dead, or do you want to be plain and in Heaven? Did you hear My Words - Clearly, Directly and to the POINT?

There is a war going on in Heaven right now - the War of wars in the Spirit. Most of you pastors, singers have no idea of the reality of the world or that war. But there is coming a day, where you are going to be sucked into it. Whether you like it or not, and I'll be honest and I'll be direct, and I will be telling you things directly to the point most of you are going to go to the devil for you are working with the devil. You are working using man's ways and rules. Humble yourselves. Seek mercy and forgiveness from God. Correct your ways, come to Me as Children, not as promoters of your world.

Remember that scripture about Children and God. Because in this worldly world that seems to corrupt the young and then wonders "Why", why did this happen! All I am telling you now - it happens because you and devil are hand in hand. You sleep in the same bed. You eat the same food. You hear the same music. You watch the same movies. You have sex with the same people. Through and through where you can't tell the difference between right and wrong. That is the point that you are at right now. So be it! So be it!

This is your Father Jehovah with Jesus Christ of Nazareth, with the Holy Spirit, giving you a loving message from the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, with the Holy Spirit and His Father, who is totally disgusted with what He sees.

Until another day Reymundo, keep up the good work, just relax, the things I promised you will come in due time. The server, the web sites will come back up. Do not worry, everything is according to schedule. The funds, the prayers, all will be there at the proper time, at the proper place. Try not to worry so much. Remember, I protect what is Mine - relax. Let your Father do the work. Relax, peace be with you My son. Relax. (over)