1742. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 3 June 2003 at 4:37 PM

Hello Reymundo, I sense that you are upset about the web server going down. Remember, all things are in My Hands. Do not worry; everything will come out according to My Will. The people who play games with My Word will be punished. A curse will fall upon them and they will know! They played games with the Powers that be. And Jehovah God is the Power of Power. I know many people think I see nothing, I do nothing. But because you do not see and you do not hear the things in the flesh, the things in the Spirit - does not mean I didn't do a thing. The ways of man are corrupt, are sinful. The parties involved in the web server crash - in the playing with the web site - will have to deal with Jehovah, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

There is a bigger picture that people do not see, do not understand. Many of the Muslim followers of Islam believe they have a handle on God, what is right, what is wrong. Yet, they are so lost. I will correct all things that need to be corrected. Even though you see violence - you see death - you see suffering, the Power of God is there. Some of you don't believe a Word that I am saying because you have experienced a tragedy. Someone falling in the family, a friend - to drugs, to alcohol, but that is not so. Jehovah God is in charge of everything before life, during life, and after life. I can correct things at any point in this timeline. That is why I am God! I have noticed there are churches still dealing with homosexuality. They want these strange ideas, these people, to run churches. How can someone run a church, when they cannot control their own life? How can they instruct others, when there is such a problem with the teacher? But people will say everyone has problems, sin and so forth. But I will correct what needs to be correct with the Power of God, with My Word. People play with the Word of God, they think they can say what they want, write what they want, do what they want. They will be sadly surprised when the Rock falls upon their heads - The Rock of Jesus - the Corner Stone - the King of Kings - the Lord of Lords.

So Reymundo, I know you are upset. You don't know what to do. Relax! Everything is in My Hands. I am going to be sending you more money. We have to correct things. We have to change things. I have a few places to send you. But remember whether it is a church leader, a Muslim leader or just a plain individual who likes to play games with the Word of God - I will correct what needs to be corrected! People do not understand. We are running out of time. Or I should say - you are running out time. For I have all the time there is, but this little planet with their little minds, their little games is going to see, is going to feel the Power of God. I am going to separate the sheep from the goats. Many people think it is a joke - this Christianity, this following a God, but those who laugh last laugh best.

Remember all the promises I promised you Reymundo. More will come! Just relax!

Remember, the point of impact will be the Mediterranean. The power of the devil will sweep the Middle East. There is a war coming in the spirit, in the flesh, in the Muslim countries. The moves of the ancient demonic forces will be strong. But the Power of God will be in control. What is evil will be eliminated. People will die. People will cry. That is the way of the devil. Way of Heaven is through Jesus Christ of Nazareth. There is no other path. There is no other way. At the present time certain people are making secret agreements to do evil. They think nobody sees. They think nobody hears. But they don't realize that the God of Gods is in their presence. Let them plan their little plans, but when the end comes they will be seeing My Son, Eye to eye. People believe in love, love, love, but remember the vengeance of God. He corrects what needs to be corrected. No more, no less than a person deserves.

If you look to the sky in the coming days, you will see a glitter. This glitter will sparkle. People will be amazed of what they see. People will wonder the significance of this glitter in the sky. But remember; glitter, stars, all these things are under My Control. Remember the Mediterranean, where the Rock falls, many will cry, many will fall to their knees and pray to their God. Remember, I protect what is Mine and what is Mine will be in Heaven. I will not lose one. Many Christians are suffering at this point in time through health, through finances, through religious persecution. I see all. Nothing passes without My Eyes being aware of what is happening. Everything is remembered.

Remember, tell your friends, tell your family members that the Lord Jesus Christ is coming. If they want to save themselves, they have to believe. They have to follow Jesus Christ of Nazareth. They have to read the Bible. They have to pray. Many people cry when they pray for the first time because they realize there is a God listening to their words. I love you My Children. I will protect you even though you do not see, you do not sense My Presence.

There is a large passenger airplane. It is going to crash. Many people are going to turn to Me with tears. I hear them and I will save them. For all eternity they will be with Me. But remember just because the plane falls, doesn't mean your life will end. Maybe it is a new beginning, an eternity with your Father in Heaven. Remember, when you are in the Hands of the Father, the Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, there is no end, only a beginning. I love you My Children. I really do! Until next time, this is Jehovah. This is Jehovah. This is Jehovah. So be it! So be it! So be it! (over)