1688. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 7 August 2002 in Spanish.

Yes, My son, it is your Father with the Son, with the Holy Spirit. Hear Me! Hear Me! Here comes the Ring of God, the Ring that will correct all to the point. I know, that you do not comprehend what I am saying, but it is the truth and it is clear and it is pure - The Ring of God.

A man is coming with the hands of iron and when he hits the top of the table, he is going to break the table. For he has the force of the devil. The man, the man is black. Yes, he is a man of color. The man seeks the things of the devil with the fever of the devil. This man is going to seek and he is going to find other people of the same race of color. And they are going to begin to move. Yes, with the force of iron for his hands are strong. Tell the people of color that they should watch out - for this man is not of God. He is of the devil.

Hear Me! Hear Me! This is the truth and it has started. He believes, he can win all that he wants and that no one can stop him. I, the God, the One who made all, the world, the stars - I with My Son Christ, and with the Holy Spirit, We are going to let him move with the arms of iron. For I want him to clean the things that are filthy. But the thing is - the man is filthy too.

There is going to come a time when I will not need him and I am going to kill him with the Force of the Holy Spirit. Yes, My son, this man of color is going to send, he is going to kill, and he is going to eat - the things of God. Tell the people of color to watch out, for here comes the man of the devil with many demons seeking, killing, the things of God. Yes, My son, hurry, write it, tell people what is going to happen in the coming days. Yes, My son, here comes the man with the hands of iron. (over)