1689. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 7 August 2002 at 6:20 PM in Spanish and English.

I asked the Lord to tell me about Heaven and He began to speak.


It is I! It is I, son! It is I! Yes, it is I!


Remember what I showed you years and years ago about hell? This area - that isn't an area. That had walls - that didn't have walls. You are wondering about Heaven and you are wondering about the deep things of God. I can tell you all there is in Heaven, down to the minutest detail, but you would not understand in human terms. You wouldn't be able to comprehend, for your mind, your intellect isn't equipped to understand Heaven.

The descriptions of what you call Heaven, paradise in a sense are symbols that I placed in the Bible and in people's minds so they could comprehend a place, another dimension that would be comprehendible. That you could comprehend, that there is a place that you are going to. These symbols are representations of the actual thing. There is Peace. There is Love. There is Jesus. There is the Holy Spirit, and there is Me, the Father, Jehovah. But even these things are so deep - you cannot really comprehend them in the flesh. I can only relate symbols to you that your mind can comprehend in some way. There have been people who have died, have killed themselves, to go to Heaven and it isn't the way man thinks it is. These symbols of mansions, these symbols of a wondrous place - is more wondrous than you can comprehend. But it is in a different - I could say dimension - I could say place - I could say the Word, "Heaven". But these Words do not really give a - an idea of what Heaven is.

It is a place to strive to be with, with your King of Kings, the Holy Spirit. People have said that they have died and saw Jesus at the end of the white tunnel and they saw their relatives. These things are manifestations of a Heaven. Let's put it that way, of a place that is real to your mind but in reality - the REAL Heaven is beyond that. It's - it is like trying to explain to you - what is on the other side of the universe. You could assume this, you could assume that, but you wouldn't really know until you got there. That is what Heaven is. It is the best of the best of the best - of the Best of God. It is a place you want to go to. It is the extreme of goodness. It is the extreme of satisfaction. These are still all Words that you could not comprehend in the flesh.

Heaven is where I Live with My Son and the Holy Spirit, with My Angels. It is My Home, My Home that I want to share with you for all eternity. This is where faith comes in. You have to trust the Word in the Bible. You have to trust My Word. You have to trust Jesus Christ. You have to trust the Holy Spirit. You have to believe in God. That there is only One God and We created everything. But it doesn't mean that Heaven is an impossible place to reach. Actually it is very easy. It is as close as the front of your nose, maybe closer.

But still We have that same problem - it's like the scripture in the Bible. When Jesus told the disciples that they had to eat His flesh, drink His Blood. Many couldn't comprehend such an act. Heaven is like that - it's like the wonder of wonder - the goodness of goodness - a tranquil place where everything is complete - no error - no fault. These are still Words.

This is still a very deep subject, Reymundo. I know that you are trying to comprehend - trying to get a glimpse of Heaven. Some day you will be in Heaven and you will understand these Words that I have given you today. But I know that many of the people, who read the Prophecies, want to know more. There are limitations - limitations in your body - in your sinful nature that can't comprehend these things because they are beyond something that a sinful nature can comprehend. But if all of these people could understand, could see a microsecond of Heaven, they would change their ways, their life forever.

Somehow people do have an idea because I tell the Holy Spirit to place these spiritual gifts in certain people around the world. But even that is still a glimpse. If you really knew you would cry and you would cry and you would cry and you would cry of gladness. You would be overwhelmed with the goodness, with the things of God. This is why I try so hard through the different Prophecies to tell people to turn away from their sinful ways, to look for My Son, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Through the Power of the Holy Spirit things can change - your attitudes. The ways that the world sees things - in a sense are satanic.

Like I have said in other Prophecies there is another place - completely the opposite. It is so bad I don't even like to talk about it. But this is this place I have created for the things that do not belong to Me, for the things of the devil. You have heard Me say many times, "Those who follow the devil will live with the devil", which is true. But I don't want anyone to follow the devil. I don't want anyone to live with the devil.

I know the sinful nature of man and that is not possible, that is why I have the scriptures that state: "The wide gate, the narrow gate", because most people want to go the easy way. They want to have faith, they want to have faith, but they do not want to work at it. You can't work your way into Heaven - you can't have your faith into Heaven. You need a balance. Through the Power of the Holy Spirit you will get that balance. Through reading the Bible. Through praying. Through Communion with My Son, actually it is very simple. Theologians write books and books and books about it, but in reality it is very simple. Like I said, "It is closer than the end of your nose".

Trust Me, follow Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Through the Power of the Spirit of God you will find Me, you will find Heaven. You won't regret it, but remember what the Bible says during the end times. For not one Letter - for not one Word will be missed. Everything will happen from the good to the bad.

I Love you all My Children. I watch over you everyday and even that is hard for you to comprehend. That I could Love you enough to watch every single one of you. But remember, I invented the Word, "Love". You have no idea or comprehension what that Word means. My Son, Jesus Christ of Nazareth Loves you. The Holy Spirit Loves you, and I Love you. We Three are One. We Three are going to save what belongs to Us and place the rest in the other place. Remember, "Do unto others as you have them do unto you, and Love your Father with all of your heart, all your mind, all your soul", and you are halfway to Heaven already.

Well, Reymundo, did I answer your question about Heaven? Until another day. Maybe I will tell you some more, but remember, send out My Prophecies, send out My Words to the whole world. And don't worry about money, don't worry about anything, but Love your Father with all of your heart, all your mind and all your soul and all will be well. Until next time My little Reymundo, until next time. (over)