1612. Prophecy and Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 20 April 2001 at 9 PM.

During worship at Carl's Bible study, the Spirit of the Lord came upon me, and gave me a vision of the future.


What I saw was the last day of the tribulation, where the antichrist is finished or thrown into the lake of fire. Some people would say the first day (This was clearly shown to me to be the first few hours) of the beginning of the one thousand year period. I could see many people standing and looking toward the sky at this White Light. I could also see smoke or fog of some kind on the ground and rising into the air, and there was destruction all around these standing people. Everything was in dead silence except for these people singing this song.


Then the Lord said, "At the beginning of the thousand year period people will be standing and singing this song"

Then the Lord showed me that the song was:

Spirit Song (by John Wimber)


Then I saw the profile of a human nose.


Then I saw a white flame floating on top of a large body of water that looked like an ocean. As I watched this flame, I saw rain clouds begin to form high in the sky and it began to rain down above the white flame. I could see the rain falling down in the direction of the flame, but before the rain came near the flame this large glass looking cover developed over the flame. This glass looking thing looked like one of those glass covers over an oil lamp. This glass kept the flame protected and burning as it floated on the water.