1611. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 17 April 2001.

A Noted Spiritual Warfare:

Hello AW,

I have been getting your translations at <reyagu@pacbell.net>, and nothing on <reyagu@hotmail.com>. I guess you could go back to the <ray@prophecy.org> address if all the other addresses fail. But the <reyagu@pacbell.net> is the best for your Italian translations. I have also been sensing the attacks here. They come very fast and pointed without warning. The Lord gave me a vision of a red house (covered by the Blood of Jesus) being hit by a large hammer over and over, but the house still was not damaged. What ever we are doing, we are hurting the devil badly. I have been instructed by the Lord to open another English web site <http://enddays.org> and to purchase six more domain names. I also purchased another Italian domain name. <http://profezia.org>.

New domain names:








God bless you and keep up the good work. I am starting the 600-799 table of contents today and will begin adding the Italian translations today. I am still about 300-400 prophecies behind you, but keep sending them. Good and faithful servant!

yours in Christ,



AW wrote:

Hello Ray, On the 13th. April 01, I have sent you a message, and after four days it has been rejected. I have asked you to check your address in hotmail if you will not receive from me in two days, as the enemy is trying to close down this address too. I had to send you the List of Contents twice, and many messages several times as always rejected. God bless AW -----


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