1339. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 20 May 1999 at 2:15 PM. in Spanish.

(Non-understandable Tongues)

Yes, yes! Yes, son, the things of God I know, I know - what I am doing! I do not need your help to tell Me; what I can do and how I can do it. I order My Reymundo how - I WANT! It is not important to Me if you like what I tell him to do. I tell Reymundo to do - What I want! I am going to tell you to the point! I do not care if you like what I tell him or not. Who do you think you are! - That you can tell Me what is correct and what is bad? Who do you think you are - God? When I tell Reymundo to do something he has to DO IT or I am going to change the things of his spirit. Who do you think you are that you can tell Me that Reymundo cannot do this, and he cannot do this and he cannot do those things?

Do you think that I am playing? Do you think it is important to Me because you get angry; because you believe he is doing the things of his mind, of his heart. I am - I am going to send the things that are Mine like how I want them! Not like you like them. Do think it is important to Me if you like the things I tell Reymundo! I tell him to do what I believe, what I want. For I want to correct the things of the world. The day that you clean your mind, your heart, and the day that you have the Force of God, you can tell Me what you want Reymundo to do!

I am going to look at you directly and to the point for you have made Me "Angry" with the letters you have sent him, with the mind and the spirit of the devil. Here comes the day that I am going to correct you! I am not playing a game! When I tell Reymundo to do something - he can tell Me, "No" or he can say, "Yes", but the thing is between him and Me! And if you want to place yourself in the middle, for you do not like the things that I tell him, I am going to hit you with My Hand. You do not know the things of God, but I can get angry, when someone wants to stop My Word. You believe you know so much. I am going to show you what you know. And I am telling you and your heart this minute, that I am angry with you. If you hear Me or not, I have already placed it in My Book when you come in front of My Son. I am going to correct you! I am going to correct you!

I want to straighten things out and then you enter with your tongue and with the things you write Reymundo. It does not hurt Reymundo, for it goes in one of his ears and goes out the other. But I who made the world, heaven, I can correct you with One Word. And you cannot hide from Me, and you know - what I am saying and if you do not know - I am going to show you! Time is running out and you send swear words to My son, Reymundo. I am going to correct you!

All that you know is love, love and love. The love is fine, but there are the other things of God, that you have to learn. You have to learn that God can get "Angry". I am angry with you! And do you know who you are speaking to, when you are sending swear words to My Reymundo. I do not care if you are the President or if you are working. I have read the letters that Reymundo has received. Do you believe I am deaf and do you believe I am blind. Here comes the day that I am going to straighten you out! And you are going to cry. For you, with your mind, with your spirit have made your God Angry to the point.

Do you hear Me hard headed, heart of stone? I can break those things. Reymundo cannot do a thing! Sometimes I believe they are not even important to him, but I - I get Angry. For it is My Word! It is not the Word of Reymundo. If you believe I am playing a game - We are going to see when I see you Eye to eye, Nose to nose. I want to tell you one thing - I never Lose when I fight and this is clear and this is to the point! But if you believe you can beat God, I will give you the chance.

When I tell Reymundo something he hears Me Clearly and to the Point, and he does it. If you like it or not. You believe that all that happens has to fit in your world. Then you are stupid if you believe all is going to go like you want it. Like you believe! I am going to stop this Word now - for I am very Angry with you. And if I do not stop this minute, I am going to go there and hit you on top your head with the Force of God, with the Force of My Son, with the Force of the Holy Spirit. That is all that I want to tell you on this day, on this date with My prophet, Reymundo. It has arrived the Flame of God. (over)