1338. Occurrence on 19 May 1999 at 2:15 PM in Spanish.

May 19, 1999

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

The red circle is the circumference around Jerusalem (about 300 kilometers) which the Lord has asked to be anointed with oil. I estimated about a 30 mile radius from Jerusalem. The Israel map gives you an idea of the circumference that has to be covered. Generally the Lord gives me more information once I get there. So I have no idea of how long this trip will take, but I estimate that it would take about three weeks for the whole trip with maybe some time left to tour Israel. Mark, Carl and I have been praying over this trip for a little while now. But it would be great if those who feel led by the Spirit of our Lord to pray over this area also.

The more I look at a more detail map the more complicated it looks. We are going to have to get visas to go into Jordan. It is my understanding it takes about five days to get a Jordan visa here in the United States. Mark is still waiting for his passport, so keep that in your prayers too. We are checking into airline tickets and things like that right now. We do not know if we have to hirer a guide with a van or if we have to rent a car. I also do not know about the driving or the traveling part in Jordan.

I still have my regular monthly expenses, but I am setting aside any extra for the Israel mission trip. The trip is not until 19 July 1999, so there is still some time for prayers, setting aside money, visas and things like that. Though the Lord will be with us, I feel more comfortable going with Carl and Mark. For there is more Spiritual Strength when brothers in Christ go in one accord. I guess that is all for now. God bless all of you!

yours in Christ,





1249. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 6 March 1999 at 10:20 AM.

During prayer I asked the Lord about the perimeter around Israel that was to be anointed in the upcoming Israel mission trip, and the Lord said, "300 Kilometers".

C (perimeter) = 2pR Circumference = 2pRadius 300 Km = 2 x 3.1415 x Radius

300 Km = Radius 2 x 3.1415

47.747Km = Radius (From the city of Jerusalem)

1 Km = .6214 Mile

29.669 miles = Radius (From the city of Jerusalem)