1206. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 10 September 1998 at 2 AM.

I went to bed about 1:35AM. this morning and during my prayers I got attacked in the spirit. I had just finished praying when without warning my body became paralyzed. The only thing that I could use was my voice. As soon as I realized it was a spiritual attack my prayer language began to speak out, in my warfare tongue! This warfare took me into this spiritual world and I could sense this enormous battle in the spirit. But at the same time I kept trying to move my physical body in this world, but without success. At one point, I sensed that the prayer language fought off the spiritual attack for it subsided, but then I was hit again with this counter attack which was more pointed. Then my prayer language just went crazy with some strange sounds that sounded like a machine gun. Then the prayer language changed again into short but direct sounds that sounded like the prayer language was sending out powerful bombs into the spiritual world. Finally my body came back to normal and I went to sleep. (over)