1205.Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 3 September 1998 at 10 PM.

This is an occurrence that has been on my mind since the night I arrived home from my camping trip. I had just dropped off Jerry at his home and I was almost home myself when something unusual happened. Actually, I was feeling very good, but a little tired from the long drive. I felt this long awaited peace in my spirit as I prayed most of the way home from Jerry's house.

I was driving on this four lane residential street. This street is very wide and fairly well lit. As I drove past this extremely well lit Shell Gas Station, I had only passed it a hundred feet or so, when I noticed some dark looking shadow crossing the far side of the street and heading toward the front of my car. I was not going very fast maybe 30-35 mph (the speed limit there is 40- 45 mph.). When I saw it I slowed down even slower not knowing what it was. It was larger than a cat, it moved like a cat and it sort of moved from side to side like a snake as it left the sidewalk from across the street. It was definitely not cat. It had no definite shape that I knew of. All I could see was something that looked like a dark shadow. It stopped at the center dividing island and when I got close to it from the far right hand lane it jumped in front of my car. I felt the car run over it and it got away, but to my surprise it went back under my car for some unknown reason. So I hit it directly and hard twice. I felt the wheels of the car go over it twice!

I pulled my car to the side of the road and got out of my car to see what I hit. When some person appeared out of nowhere and told me to get back in my car.

He said, "You will never find it, it is gone - it ran away!"

This whole occurrence had me a little startled. So I took this man's advice and left the scene of the accident. As I drove away, I began to wonder from where did this person come from. For there was no one around that I saw, and he was so intent that I not look for it.

To this day, I have never seen a living creature that looked like this; except for the dark spirits that have attacked me in my bedroom on several occasions. Then, this man appeared as fast as the creature had disappeared. Very strange and it was not until this afternoon five days later, that it all came together. It was not flesh and blood that I hit on the road that night. But who was the man, who saw it all, and where did he come from? (over)