1137. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 21 December 1997 at 11:15 PM. in Spanish.

Hear the Word of God with the Ears of God! I am - now, I am - now, I am - now! My son, the Body is going to be cleaned. The Body is going to be cleaned, the Body of My Son. He is going to arrive and He is going to clean all that is filthy. He is going to clean the Body to the Point, with Force, with the Holy Spirit! This is your Father. The One who made all, with His Word, with the Force of the Holy Spirit. It has arrived.

Hear! Hear! Hear! Yes, it has arrived the calendar of the New Year. It has arrived to the point. The race, that all run is going to stop to the point! Yes, yes, the day is going to arrive that the Wine is going to run - like the Blood is going to run in the Road. Yes! "The Wine!" I know to the point the things of God and the date of the race.

Hear! Hear! Hear! I know, I know, I know, that the Angels are ready, and that the devils are ready. But nothing is going to happen until I give the Word. Then the fighting will begin until "The End." Did you hear Me with the Ears of God, when I say the Word? Yes! Yes! I know, I know. (over)