1136. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 18 December 1997 at 1:30 PM.

During prayer the Lord gave me many visions:

Vision: A vision of a upside down tripod holding a White Sheet.

Vision: A vision of a single leather sandal with someone wearing a black sock. Then I saw a large shoe which had a long spike on the bottom of it's heel. The spike was about 6 inches long.

Vision: The next image was of a black looking object or box. This black box had a white flag on two sides waving in the air asking for mercy, and trying to surrender. Later, the Lord told me the black box was a church. Then this missile came from the sky, and destroyed the black box with the two waving flags. Then I saw another black box with waving white flags, and the same thing happened to it. They were totally destroyed by these missiles from the sky. It looked like there was no such thing "As mercy," coming from these missiles.

After the above visions, more black boxes appeared, but they didn't have waving flags, but some kind of protective dome surrounded them as they came under attack. These domes protected them from these bombing missiles.

Vision: Then the next vision was of a metal cooking pot being placed on top of a hot cooking stove.

Vision: Then I saw what looked like a metal medallion or broach with a figure of a cat on it. What was so unusual; it reminded me of the Ford Mercury Cat Logo that you see on their cars. It was around someone's neck with a gold chain. What I sensed in the spirit was - that whoever was wearing this medallion had something to do with this war or it was this company, but I am not really sure. But there was some kind of association with this cat and this war, I was seeing.

Vision: Then I saw a single White Candle.

Then I heard the Lord say, "Look closely at the UN". (United Nations)

Vision: Somehow I could see the upper atmosphere of the earth. I could see that these destroying missiles were coming from what looked like circling satellites. As I looked at these attacking missiles come down, the ground forces tried to shoot them down, by shooting up larger and fatter looking missiles into the atmosphere. All of this looked like there was some kind of war going on.

Vision: The next image I saw was of a jet flying high and toward what looked like our sun or a very bright white light.

Then during this occurrence, I heard a Voice identify itself as Ruth. This reminded me of the Ruth Voice that spoke to me in the spirit in Israel. Ruth said, "Do not worry, I will be with you!"

Then the Lord said, "The songs of the dead. The songs of the dead. The songs of the dead." (over)