937. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on the 13 August 1996 at 12:42 PM. in Spanish.

Shoe, shoe, put on your shoes for you have to run. You have to run and hide yourself. You believe that these Words are nothing, but put them on your calendar. For if you don't put on your shoes and run, you are going to have to run without shoes, and it's going to be harder.

Reymundo is going to tell you - Things- in the coming months. Things - that you are not going to believe. I know, because even My Reymundo isn't going to believe them. But it is going to be the Truth and to the Point. The Things that I tell you are going to become more clear day by day. But - at first you are not going to understand what I am telling you, but what I tell you is the Truth.

My Son is going to come - and the Day that He is going to come is very close. And still most of the Body of My Son are asleep. They are playing CHURCH and they believe they are in My Hands, but I am going to frighten them, with the Word of My Son, with the Word of the Father, with the Word of the Holy Spirit. The day of playing church has to stop!

In all of the previous Prophecies, I have told you that you needed to read the Bible - YOU ALONE - with the Force of the Holy Spirit. But what do you do? You point your ears on the men who think they know what the Bible says. I don't want you to point your ears into what you believe - That these men believe. I want you to point your own nose into these pages YOURSELF, for the men who believe they know it all - are BLIND. They don't believe they are blind. But remember from the Bible, that I told you, "That the ones who believe that they know - are going to be blind and the ones who are blind are going to see; everything clearly. Remember that I DID tell you in the Bible. Remember that I DID tell you in this Prophecy.

Things are going to change rapidly. And if you haven't read the Bible from the first page to the last page, you are going to suffer more. And if you believe that these men who believe that they know the Word of God, are going to help you, you are going to suffer. It hurts My Heart, for it is very easy but you are LAZY! You want these men, from the church, to give you everything there in front of you. And all you have to do is hear it, and put it in your mind. That's not the manner of God.

When I left the Holy Spirit, I put It there in your chest so you could speak with Him, there - in your closet with your door closed. But what do you do? You don't pray in your closet. You don't read the Bible in your closet. You seek these men, who think that they know the Bible, and you run after them. Do you remember in the Bible when I told you that there are going to be the blind that run after the blind, and the two of them are going to fall into the pit. You believe that the Word is going to be hard when it is given to you. But I tell you, and I tell you, but you have a lot of laziness; and it is much easier to take the word of man and what he believes the Word of God says. But the fault is going to be yours, because I tell you this minute and I have told you in the Bible, and you don't do what I say to you. That's why you are going to suffer.

Here comes the man, who is going to run the world, with the hand of iron. And this hand is going to take you by the throat; and if it doesn't cut your head off, he is going to strangle you with the same hand - for he has the heart of the devil. Right now, these Words are only Words and you are going to want to play church with these Words, but everything is going to be different - the day that he has his hand of iron around your neck. Let's see if then you are going to want to play church. Oh, then - you are going to seek Me out.

But let's see if these men, who showed you the Bible in the manner of man, are going to help you. I tell you CLEARLY AND I TELL YOU TO THE POINT: get into your closet and READ THE BIBLE, and Pray until you cry with the Tears of God. It is much easier to cry in the closet - you alone with the Bible, than to cry with the hand of iron around your neck. But you have to choose the manner you want to cry. I am telling you Clearly and to the Point, Eye to eye: that is what's going to happen, if you do not hear Me.

I know where they are, My Prophecies - every letter, every page. I know who has read and who hasn't read the Word of God. I know the ones who are going to get mad; and what they want to do with My Reymundo. They are going to want to put their hands around his neck. But remember - if you believe you can beat (win) God, the one who made Heaven, the world, - give it a try, but I know who is going to win. I am putting Reymundo in a place he doesn't want to be, for there are many who are going to get mad at him. But I tell you the Truth: the Word is not his. The Word is Mine!

But everyone who has carried the Word of God in their heart and have walked in the manner of God, have suffered. But if you haven't read the Bible, you don't know this; and it is hard for My Reymundo to send the Words of God. There are many who believe he is just writing all night and seeking ways to write, but My little son doesn't have the brains. His fingers are wearing out, but you're not going stop him, for We still have work to do!

All the Christians believe that all of God is easy - that it is not going to cost you a thing. I am going to awaken you, for the Cross that you have to carry is going to become heavy; and you are going to have to carry it - running - because the man, with the hand of iron, is going to run after you. Remember - I protect what is Mine. Remember! I will tell you once more - I protect what is Mine! But if you don't read the Bible, HOW can you belong to Me - if you don't know your Father with your spirit, with the Word of God?

There are many who believe Me with their heart, and they don't have Bibles - with those, I am going to treat differently. And they are going to have a different chance than those who have Bibles, for I read the heart - the one you have in your spirit. But, if you have the Bible and if you read it - you know Me, for your spirit is going to burn with every Word that you read; for I am going to open your ears and your eyes with the Force of the Holy Spirit. But remember - if you don't know My Son, Jesus - you don't know Me and you cannot come with Me. If you have the key, put it in the lock - for the Lock is My Son. He opens all with the Force of God. The Lock and the key are of God. Remember, you cannot find Me if you don't know My Son, Jesus. But everything is in the Bible!

Here comes the time where many are going to leave the Body of My Son - for they are not strong. And the man, with the hand of iron, is going to frighten them; and he is going to change them. But, I tell you exactly that - if you have the faith and the heart of God, I will save you! And it is not important what happens, for I can kill the spirit and the body. Remember those two things: the man can kill your body, but I can stop your spirit. I can place you in a pit with the Force of God. And I will tell you once more: These are only Words, but there is going to come a day, that it is going to happen. I want to frighten you with the Love of God, for I Love you with ALL that there is from Heaven. But you say to yourself: what kind of Love is this - that you frighten me? But the day that the man comes with the hand of iron, you are going to find out that your God Loved you. That's why I tell you before it happens - so you could make yourself strong. The Love of Love is your Father with the Son, Jesus, with the Force of the Holy Spirit. ALL that I tell you with My Prophet, Reymundo is the TRUTH!

How amusing, the things that are going to happen, for all of it is in the Bible and you did not read it. Remember the manner of God is not the manner of man. Sometimes, because you do not understand the Words, the manners: it isn't because it isn't God - it's because you are not Mine, you are of the devil - for all the things of the devil are blind. That's why? They fall into the pit - for they don't know where they are walking.

Hurry! Do what I have told you. Go into your closet and read your Bible with the Tears of God, with the Heart of God, with all that you have - and the Holy Spirit will give you the Force. He will give you the Love. He will show you My Son, Jesus; and in that way you will find Me, your Father - the One who made ALL with the Word, with the Holy Spirit. I am. I am. I am. (over)