901. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 1 May 1996 at 1 AM. in Spanish.

Shoes. Yes, Reymundo, all the people of the world are going to need shoes, for they are going to have to run; they are going to have to hide themselves, if they want to live. The day of the shoes has arrived; the day of tears, the day that you have to hide. I know that the people that have read the prophecies are frightened; they are in tears; they are angry because they don't like to hear the Word of God, in the manner of God. They want to eat you, Reymundo, with the teeth of the devil, for many that get angry have demons inside of them. That's why they get angry, for their god is angry. That's why they want to eat you, and they want to use the Bible to eat you. But don't worry about things like this, for I have made a place for people like this, with these demons. I am going to send them to the pit.

I want you to point your nose into the Bible. I want you to study, for the day has arrived where people won't have the Bible to study. The man, that I told you about earlier, is going to want to burn - to throw away all the Bibles of the world, for he is angry at the Word of God too. He is going to join with the soldiers; and he is going run after all of the Body of My Son, with the flame of the devil, with the heart of the devil. There are going to be many that are going to suffer; and there are going to be many that are going to see things with their eyes. They never believed they would see - the things they are going to see, with their wives, with their husbands, with their sons and daughters. But everything is written in the Bible; how it is going to happen in the days of the end. It is there CLEARLY. It is written. I am not telling you something NEW!

If people get angry, it is because they have not read the Bible and they don't know a thing. Because, if they had read the Bible from the beginning to the end, they would know that what I am saying is correct and to the point; but they all want things in the manner of man. And, there are many of them who have demons inside of them - and you cannot tell them a thing, for the devil has already won them. And, I am also speaking about many, who claim to be Christians, the ones who jump and take the Bible in their hand and wave it in the air, shouting the Word of God, with the demons, with the lips of the devils. They believe they know it ALL, but they don't know a thing. They speak with the mouth of man, while they are holding the devil's hand. There - I am going to throw them, together, in the same pit because they are friends, and friends have to live together.

But, there are many Christians who say nothing. They are very silent, for My Word touches their hearts. Some are frightened. Others are joyous, for they know the Word of God when they hear it. But everything is going to come out fine. If you see bodies in the middle of the street, if you see bodies where you live, if you see bodies where you sleep, if they are alive or dead - it is not important, for I gave My Word many years ago; and when I give My Word, it happens!

I don't change My Mind because man doesn't like it. I am GOD! Man is only man, something I made with My Hands, with My Lips, with ALL that is CORRECT, with ALL that is PURE. The ones, who chose the devil to be their god, have joined themselves with the devil; and now they have to live with the devil. The rest who love Me, who seek Me with their hearts pointed, focused, those I am going to save with My Angels, with My Word. Everything that is Mine - is Mine, and I am going to save it - ALL of it! This is CLEAR and it is to the POINT! All - who are hearing this Word, can understand what I am saying. What is Mine - I will protect it. That's correct and to the point. That's not hard to understand!

But people like to twist and turn the Word of the Bible until it fits the word of man; and there are many words of man. All the churches have their words; and they all use the same Word of God, in the Bible, for they want to say their word. But My Word is Mine, and what I say - happens! This is EXACT and to the POINT! What a shame, that they are deaf and blind. What a shame, that they get angry with the force of the devil. But these things I don't worry about - if they get angry or not, for I know which ones belong to Me; and I know which ones belong to the devil. That's why I don't care if they get angry.

For the ones that belong to Me, seek Me in their heart; and they read the Bible from the beginning to the end. Those eat the Communion. Those repent their sins. Those seek theirs brothers and sisters; and THEY DON'T FIGHT! They don't seek out things to fight about, for they have the HEART of God. The ones who seek the fight - Oh, Oh, Oh! I am going to give them the fight, for the day has arrived that I am going to correct ALL, with My Son, with the Angels. They are going to gather ALL that is bad; and they are going to correct it - and send them to the pit. That's not hard to understand, because I have already said it, many years ago. And, on this day, and date, I am telling you again, what is not Mine is going to the pit; the rest is going to Heaven with Me. With the Joy of My Heart, I tell you the TRUTH. This is CLEAR.

This is not hard to understand. But, if you believe you can live in the World of God and in the world of the devil, you are fooling no one but yourself, for you cannot do it! If you belong to the devil - you belong to the devil. If you belong to Me - you belong to Me. You cannot live in the middle, for I will hit you like a housefly; and, I don't like house flies because house flies have many diseases, and they are filthy. All that is filthy, in the Eyes of God, is going to the pit; and I don't care what you believe. For what is important is what the God that made Heaven, the world, the stars, with the Son, with the Holy Spirit - what He believes - is what is important. That is ALL that is important. Do you understand Me?

There, I will leave you, Reymundo, so you can rest. Sleep - until another day. On another date - then, I will give you some more Wisdom from Heaven. I know the things that are in front of you. I know about your wife. It's almost here, Reymundo. Have patience, it is almost here, for what I say - happens! She is going to call you with tears. With her heart pointed, she is going to call you. All that I have said - all that I have promised, I am going to give to you, for you are My beloved. And, with the Force of the Son, with the Force of the Holy Spirit, with the Force of the Father, all will go well; for it has arrived - the Force of your Father to finish all that is filthy. Okay now, rest. Sleep, for you are My prophet. Hurry now, I will see you. (over)