900. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 25 April 1996 at 3:55 PM. in Spanish.

It has arrived. Yes, Reymundo, it has arrived. The White House is going to fall, with the force of the devil and to the point. The force, that is hitting your head now, is from the devil. It's because he doesn't want you to write what I am telling you; but it is the Truth. The White House is going to fall. You know that this is your Father, the One who made the world, the stars, all that you see, all that you touch. It has arrived, the day of the end of the White House. The President, of the United States, thinks a lot of himself. He believes he knows how to fix the things of God. But I tell you to the point, He knows nothing. All the force, of the devil, is going to be placed on top of the head, of the President, of the United States, for the devil is going to push down the White House, with the force of the devils. The White House believes they can fix the things of the devil; but when you are walking with the devil, you cannot tell him what to do, for he will push you down. I know that the Word, that I am telling you, is hard; but it is the Truth.

Here comes the war that I told you about earlier. All the people are going to know that the things, that I told you about, are going to happen, like I said. There is a man with a vase; and inside, of this vase, are the plans of the devil; and the man has the vase hidden, yes - inside a very old house. But the bullet is going to come; and it is going to hit this man in the head. And, there are going to be others that are going come; and they are going to take the vase; and the people, who steal the vase, are going to know the President, of the United States. Yes! They are going to believe - that this vase is going to help them; but this vase is going to push them down, all of them, the president, and the government, for the force is in the hands of the devil. And the government of the United States won't be able to do a thing, for they have played with the devil, for many years; and the devil is the boss. Yes! It has arrived; the day that the White House falls. The things, that I have said, are from the Father, with the Son, with the Holy Spirit.

I know where the vase is - for I told the devil where he could hide it - for I got tired of all the evil, that comes out of the United States. My Eyes see all; and all that they see, out of the United States, is evil, for hand by hand, they work with the devil. They don't believe I see, because they don't believe in God. They say they are going to pray; but they don't pray - they are just words. You can hear them when someone dies, or when something bad happens; there - they say the Word of God, and they tell the people to pray; but they don't pray, for they work for the devil. They believe they are strong. But, do you remember what I told you about the housefly? And how My Hand was going to kill the housefly? That's what's going to happen, for they cannot fool Me.

The climate, of the United States, is going to change, to the point, with water, with storms, with earthquakes, for We have arrived at the end; and the man, of the devil, has arrived. Remember when I told you to look at the sky, for there were coming - the things of the sky? The bomb is going to arrive; the infirmities are going to arrive; and the end has arrived, the end - of all that is good in the United States. They think a lot of themselves, even the ones who run the churches; but they don't seek Me with the Heart of God; they seek Me with the heart of money. They like the power. They like to tell people what to do, but they don't ask Me what I think. What a shame, for all of the world is going to be frightened!

The people, that you believe are great, are going to fall, rapidly and to the point. The greater, they think they are - the faster, they are going to fall. Like I told you earlier, your Father does not lie. All, that I have said, is direct and to the point. Here comes the man, that is going to run the world, with the force of the devil. Remember what I have said about the word, "WAR." It is very important that you study that word, for that's going to be the life that is coming - war and war and war; then, the end will come, directly and to the point. All the war, in the Heavens, is getting larger, with the Angels and with the devils, and, day by day, you are getting closer to the end.

Those, who want to hear; are going to hear and the ones, who want to bury their heads under the ground - so they won't hear, I am going to help them, with the bullet. Yes! The day is going to come, that you are not going to want to live. People are going to want to die, for everything is going to go very bad. And they are going to be sad because they were born; and they are going to cry, "why was I born?" "Why was I born, for I have to eat my son and daughter, like I eat the meat of a cow!" Did you hear what I have said? It has arrived, the day that you eat your son and daughter with the lips of the devil, for you are hungry. What a shame! What a shame, that you didn't seek your Father, the Son - Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

You believed that you knew it all; and now you cannot even die. I have told you the Truth - you won't be able to hide yourself; then the day will come when you will see Me, Eye to eye, Face to face; then, I am going to ask you, "Why didn't you seek Me?" You believed you were so great; now you can show Me how great you are, when you are chewing on the leg of your son, for you are hungry. What a shame, the things of man, for he wants to be like God! It has arrived, the suffering of the world, with the force of the devil. It has arrived.

If you want to save yourself, eat the Communion. Seek My Son and repent of all the sins you have done, and I will save you. But, if you turn your back and walk away, I am going to let you walk away, for I have told you - and I have told you; and you did not want to hear, for you have a heart and a head of stone. This is all that I am going to tell you on this day, at this time, with My prophet, Reymundo. Exactly - all is going to happen, like I have said. This is your Father, with the Son, with the Holy Spirit, telling you the wisdom from Heaven. Yes! It has arrived. (over)