898. Occurrence and Visions given to Raymond Aguilera on 16 April 1996 at 10:30 PM.

During Communion prayer and just before having Communion with a few Christian brothers the Lord showed me a corner of a multi-story apartment building. As I watched it in the spirit, I saw it collapse floor by floor until it was totally destroyed by an earthquake.

Occurrence and Vision:

Then I saw a White Horse flying through the air. It was impressed on my spirit that it represented an Angel of the Lord, I don't know how I knew but it was an Angel in the figure of a White Horse. Then out of nowhere this enormous hand that looked like a gorilla's hand sneaked up and grabbed this White Horse out of the air like it was a small bird; crushed it, and smacked it to the ground. Then this hand somehow transformed it's five fingers into two and went downward with an incredible force toward the crushed Angel. I don't know if it hit the Angel again, but it had great power in its two newly formed fingers.

Immediately my prayer language changed, and I felt like I was going to explode from within and I could feel my body and spirit jump into a warfare mode. I got up from my seat and wanted to stop the Communion prayer and get into the war. But something told me I had to finish Communion and get a brother to anoint me with oil before I went into warfare. I had sensed the urgency to pray for two days, but I didn't know why. So for the next half hour to forty-minutes I wailed and found myself flat on the floor with my arms extended out and with my legs together (in the shape of a cross) with an unusual sounding prayer language that at times was quiet and at other times it was loud and fast. My prayer language was acting crazing during this time and I really lost track of time.

This large hairy black gorilla's hand reminded me of the gorilla movie, "King Kong," from the thirties or forties. But what was more interesting was the spiritual war I was seeing. This giant hairy black hand was fighting the Lord's Angelic Forces and was beating them. Then I saw what looked like a hole open up in the side of a mountain, and a tunnel extended out with hundreds upon hundreds of black horses (devils) shooting out, and began to help this large black hand fight the White Horses (Angels).

I was surprised by the speed of the battle, there wasn't a wasted movement by either of the parties involved, and I could sense in the spirit the Angels were losing the battle. What was also startling was the gorilla's hand; this creature was enormous compared to the White Horses. I mean, his hand was so large it could place a White Horse in it's palm, and these were life size White Horses or Angels or whatever you would like to call them.


Then I was shown hundreds and hundreds of crucified people on crosses in this dark area with white smoke or fog in the background being ripped off from their crosses, and they began to run past me as I watched them in the spirit. I don't know where they went or how they got pulled off the crosses.


Then I saw this dark place with all of these black creatures that had been slain in this battle with the White Horses looking like White melted Puddles laying on top of these black creatures. They all looked like White Blobs on top of black masses. I believe they were all dead for there was no movement. But as I watched and tried to figure out what was happening I saw the White Blobs on the top of the dead looking creatures begin to move. They somehow reformed themselves into the images of White human looking Angels. They no longer looked like White Horses. I don't know why or how it happened, but they went back up into the battle.


Then the next image was of hundreds upon hundreds of White Horses running from the right toward the left at lighting speeds with their manes blowing in the wind. When they got to the area of the battle they surrounded this large black creature. At this point the black creature looked about 5 or 6 miles high compared to the height of the White Horses, but they surrounded it and the battle immediately stopped. And somehow the small White Horses pounded him from the top as the others stayed around the perimeter and pounded him into this large hole in the ground. It looked like this enormous pit, then this enormous lid came over the large pit and they sealed it shut. Then the vision stopped.

What was placed in my spirit was that this large creature was a territorial demon with his demon helpers. Boy, I was amazed at how large and powerful it was. (over)


There is more in the spirit than I ever realized. The spiritual war is for real with demons we don't see, and these battles are happening now; this minute. This is a reality that most people don't even believe, but it is still for real. As I watched the spiritual war I felt very helpless. I have been asking myself these questions:

1. How were the crucified saints sucked off their crosses like a vacuum?

2. Why did they run past me into this empty space?

3. Will they come back to their crosses?

4. Did this territorial Demon get larger because the saints were taken off their crosses?

People need to PRAY MORE, for in the spirit, there are some very bad demons out there. These things are beyond what our minds can understand, but yet they are very real. I learned something very startling tonight, we really don't know the extent of the dark forces. (over)