899. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 24 April 1996 at 8:15 AM

My Children, My Children, beware - for there is a war before you, a war you will not be able to comprehend. A war that will kill many; that will kill your husband, your wife, your son or your daughter. The tears of the world will flow like a mighty river through the land; through the mountains; through the air. These rain drops of tears will fall on My Beloved's. Beware My Children. Beware! For it will arrive very soon that these tear drops will run like a mighty river, but remember no matter what happens, your Father Jehovah, your King of Kings, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and the Holy Spirit are there.

The prophecies that were given many, many, many years ago are going to be completed in the coming years. Many will see the completion of the river of tears, the flow of blood. For the wickedness of the world and the vengeance of God have reached a point in time, where God will implement His wrath through war; through pestilence. Everything will be cleanse that needs to be cleanse.

But My Children I love you, and I need you on your knees praying. Do you remember the verses in the book of Matthew where it said that the world would be wiped clean if it wasn't for the elect, but your God Jehovah remember the elect, the saints, and with His mighty Hand stopped the destruction of the world.

I want you to take a minute and I want you to pray. I want you to take some time out so you can look into the bible and study about the wars that have happened before. I want you to study the WORD, "WAR". I want it to become a reality in your spirit, in your mind; for that's where you are headed.

Though the devil has placed this bless me, bless me, bless me doctrine into the church to the point where it has blinded them to the reality of the wrath of God, the vengeance of God on the wicked. Look in the Old Testament of how the Lord corrected things through war; through pestilence; through disobedience.

The WORDS that I tell you are harsh. Some of you people don't want to hear it, but your Father from Heaven does not lie. He tells you the truth, all the time; straight, direct and to the point. If I tell you that I LOVE YOU, I mean I LOVE YOU! If I tell you, I will correct you, I WILL CORRECT YOU! If I tell you about the wrath of God; The WRATH OF GOD WILL HAPPEN! These Words are the Words of LOVE. These are the Words of Me protecting you through that same Word. Even though the Words are harsh and direct and to the point. Whether I am speaking to the leadership who has gone astray or whether I am telling you directly or personally, Eye to eye, Face to face. The things ahead are HARSH. You will see death. You will see famine. You will see things that you have never seen before and never want to see again. Like I mentioned in another prophecy; the wickedness of this world is the worse than it has ever been since the beginning of time, and it's steadily day by day getting worse and worse.

There are some that have not been born yet, that I am going to save. There are some who claim to be born again who are not; who speak with pride; who speak with deception, and there are those, the silent majority; who sit and listen and watch, and are prepared. Who pray; who repent; who do the simple things of God with the love of God; who's lips don't even say, "I am saved", because they are afraid that they might make a decision for God; that is ONLY THE DECISION for God. Do you remember the verses in the bible where one man said, "I fast and I fast- look at that man over there, he is a sinner, but I am a follower of the Lord. Then the man who he was pointing at beat his chest and prayed and prayed, and said I am not worthy, I am a sinner, I am no good. But he was focused because he knew that the decisions of Heaven belong in Heaven. All I ask is obedience. Love thy Father- first. Love thy neighbor as thy self- second. Do the best you can with what you have, I will take care of the rest. But you have to repent your sins, you have to repent.

This war, this catastrophe that is before you, is very real. Look in the dictionary look up the word, "WAR". Look in your encyclopedias the things that happen in war. The reason I asked you to look in the dictionary and in the encyclopedias is because more of you people believe secular books and writings than you do what is in the bible. So I am sending you there to study that word, "WAR", because some you don't believe the bible. But what is in the bible is more true than what you read in newspapers; what you see on television.

For the Word of God is direct and to the point even though at times it is hard to understand, and you want to apply your worldly principals to the Word of God. But God is not democratic. God is a King, the King of Kings, with the Father, with the Power of the Holy Spirit. You cannot judge what you see in the bible with democratic principals. For I am the Boss and what I say goes whether you like it or not. Sounds hard; sounds harsh, but you have to remember, Jehovah God who made that statement loves you beyond your comprehension of love, a limitless love.

That at times you don't understand why certain bad things happen. You say, "God loves me why does this have to happen". Some things happen because it was prophesied, because of the wickedness of the world. I knew many, many, many thousands of years what was ahead. I have always warned the Body; the Body has always turned away and has listened to the things of the world, and many times they have paid the consequences for not obeying God.

So listen to these Words with the love of your heart, with the love in your spirit, for your Father Jehovah, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, your King of Kings, and the Holy Spirit; for WE are not your enemy. We are the Creator; We are the Maker the Breaker of the universe today, yesterday, tomorrow, forever. Remember that! We say these Words with the love of love.

Remember the river of tears that is going to flow through the planet from the highest mountain to the lowest valley. Heed My warning; study the Word, "WAR". For it is staring you in the face even if your brothers and sisters don't want to hear it-TELL THEM! That God Jehovah, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and the Holy Spirit WARNED YOU THIS MINUTE, this day, about the Word, "WAR". Until We speak again with the LOVE and POWER of Jehovah, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit telling you WE LOVE YOU beyond measure. Be good to each other; for you need each other in ALL THINGS, and pray and pray and pray, and have your daily Communion. So be it! So be it! So be it! (over)


What a powerful prophecy for it left me drunk laying in bed with the room spinning. I could not move or I was afraid of getting out of bed for I felt I would fall and hurt myself. The power of the Holy Spirit has left me dizzy like I am in the middle of a whirlwind.

Something else strange happened this morning during this one hour of dizziness and fear. The telephone rang during the middle of this. I reached over the best I could and answered the phone. It was my brother Ted. He was calling from my parents house, my parents live in Vacaville, California which is about 50 miles from my house. What was so strange about the call was the story Ted was about to tell me. It happened approximately during the same time I was receiving the last prophecy.

The story goes like this: My mother spoke on the telephone to my sister Christina who lives about 50 miles away in another city. After speaking to Christina my brother Gilbert called her who lives in Oakland, California which is about 70 miles away. Well, during my mother's conversation with Gilbert she heard my sister Christina calling her from outside her house, and my brother Gilbert heard Christina too, but from the telephone and said to my mother what is Christina doing there. So my mother went to the door to let her in and no one was there. Then she remembered that she had just spoken to her ten minutes earlier and there was no way she could of reached her house in ten minutes. It was an audible voice for Gilbert heard Christina too, but from the telephone. My mother has told me several times that she has heard my voice and the voices of my brothers and sisters calling her before, but this is the first time someone else in the family heard them too. This has been a very strange day, and this dizziness lasted for about three hours after I got out of bed. (over)