436. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 18 April 1994 at 6 AM. Canadian time.

While driving back to Detroit, four and a half hours after anointing the church grounds, my warfare language kicked in again, about 100 km. outside of Mississauga, Canada, and I was back into the spiritual war.

The Lord said, "Pray it through."

When we first entered this area it started slowly at first and then it got more intense. I received two or three severe blows in my throat, but the Lord helped me regain my position in the warfare until we drove completely through the enemy territory. The main battle seemed to be in the center of this 20 km wide perimeter, about 100 km south of Mississauga, Canada.

During this warfare, I had the same vision of a transparent sink hole with the water and debris falling inside, that I had seen earlier as we were landing in the Detroit, Michigan airport.