435. Prophecy and Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 17 April 1994 at 7:30 PM. Canadian time in English.

Oh My Vineyard. Oh My Vineyard. Oh My Vineyard. I am going to prune you. I am going to prune your branch. I am going to prune them down until all the evil, all the wickedness, is gone. I am going to squeeze you until it hurts, My Beloved, My Beloved. Will you marry Me? Will you marry Me? Birth pains, "Thomas. Thomas. Thomas."

Then I had a vision of a Bell ringing.


Then the Lord said to me, "Start praying and do not stop until I tell you. Stand in the gap."

Then, all of a sudden, my voice returned and my prayer language began to pray, but my body was left exhausted. All this happened while I was in the Vineyard Fellowship Church service, in the suburb of Toronto, in a town called Mississauga.

The Lord said, "Don't partake in the service, just stand there and intercede until I tell you to stop. You are part of the prayer cover, and do not interfere with anything that is going on."

So I prayed for three and half hours, until 11 PM., the end of the Sunday evening church service.

About fifteen minutes before the church service was over, the Lord said, "Your intercession is finished. You can go home."

By this time I was really exhausted and my Christian brother reminded me about the oil anointing work that needed to be done. I really didn't feel like doing it, for I was tired, but I knew I would feel guilty if I didn't do it. So we found a small store still open and purchased some oil at about 12:30 AM. and anointed the perimeter of the building at about 1:30 AM. We drove around the parking lot and stopped every twenty or thirty feet and poured some oil on the pavement and prayed for the Lord to place ministering and warring angels there for protection, at every location, where the oil was placed, until we had made a complete circle around the church building and office complex.

Our Christian brother's word, back home, was that we had to anoint a high area and the only high place near us was our hotel room which was on the top floor. So we anointed each other, our room, all the windows, doors, and prayed and retired for several hours of sleep, for we had to leave at 4 AM. that morning.