433. Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 14 April 1994 at 7:30 PM.

In my evening church service, during prayer, the Lord gave me a vision of a round sphere with lines around it. It reminded me of a soccer ball, but the bottom of the sphere couldn't be seen, but underneath was the pitched roof of a house of some kind. The sphere was much larger than the roof.

The prayer really got intense during the worship, for my body started to perspire and I could sense the Presence of the Lord. I asked the Lord for another confirmation to this Toronto mission.

The Lord said, "What was revealed to your Christian brother was correct, the enemy is going to try to stop the spiritual war in the area of Toronto, Canada. There are going to be two demonic aerial attacks from the air."

Then, He showed me two gray colored jet planes flying.

He said, "They represent two aerial assaults. They are going to try to quench the war in Toronto." Then He said, "Go"

Then He showed me a white jet going in the direction of these two gray colored jets.

"You are going into the war," He said, "Stand in the gap, but I am going to send one other and He is going to be doing the same thing, but it won't be the Christian brother going with you."

The Lord didn't reveal who the other person was, other than what He had said. Only that this other Christian brother would be there and for me to go.

The Christian brother that prayed with me on Thursday said to take Communion and to anoint the area around the church in Toronto, Canada and that there would be a hill or a high place that should be anointed All I know is that I am flying out of here Saturday night and going to Canada, and I am waiting on the Lord for further instructions. I don't know if this other intercessor is already there, but there is going to be another person there that's going to do warfare also, against two aerial demonic attacks. So, during this Thursday night church service, I prayed for protection for this other Christian brother.

About 1 AM, that morning, I let my dog outside. I noticed the birds singing loudly, and now it must be about two o'clock and they are still singing their heads off. I can still hear the birds singing, even as I type this occurrence, for the tape recorder recorded the birds singing. I guess they were really singing loud or I have an extremely sensitive tape recorder.

I know that the warfare around me has been very intense these last few days and it's been warfare and more warfare all day. I know that the enemy is trying to keep me off balance and trying to stop me from focusing on the Lord, and on this mission trip. Its just incredible the ways the enemy uses people, situations, and problems, to stop you from doing your job.