432. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 11 April 1994 at 8:30 AM.

I kept getting the impression that north wasn't Vancouver, Canada, but it was the Toronto, Canada area. The area where the Vineyard Fellowship Church was experiencing strange occurrences was the place the Lord wanted me to go. I mentioned it to one of the men in this prophetic ministry group, that has formed around me, what I was receiving from the Lord. So we both decided if it was from the Lord, the Lord had to provide the funds for this trip. For as usual I was financially broke, and if it was from the Lord, the Lord would provide the funds for such a long trip.

I prayed that day, and the next, and decided if this other brother in the Lord provided a solution it was from the Lord. So, after talking to him, he said, if the Lord wants you there I will provide the funds for the trip. He stated that he was headed for the Detroit Michigan area, the following Monday, on business and had thought of going to the revival in Toronto, Canada. Well, here was the confirmation I was looking for, and I agreed to go with him to Detroit and from there we would drive four hours by rental car to Toronto. I received the confirmation, the plane tickets, and the money to go, within 36 hours, after the Lord had given me instructions to go to Toronto.

Now, I knew the instructions were from the Lord to go, but not the reason why. During prayer, with the first Christian brother, I had mentioned that I didn't know why I was supposed to go to Toronto. During that prayer session the Lord told him the reason for the trip. He said, the Lord revealed that the enemy wanted to stop the revival that was progressing in the Toronto, Canada area; that the Lord was sending me to pray there, to have Communion, and to anoint certain areas in the church and town with oil. That happened about one o'clock Thursday afternoon.