399. Prophecy, Vision, and Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 4 February 1994 at 11:09 AM. in English.


The Lord said, "The primary reason for this missionary trip is to pray in between the buildings of Brigham Young University in Utah."


The next image I see is of myself walking in between and around the buildings of Brigham Young University and praying in tongues.


I said, "But Lord how do you expect me to pray around the University when my truck is broken down in Salt Lake City and I am up here in Logan some two hours away from my broken truck, and I have no idea of where Brigham Young University is located, and I have no way of getting there if I wanted, but if you can provide a way I will do it?"

The Lord did not give me an answer.

I didn't know how, but somehow I had to get to Brigham Young University for I told the Lord I would do it.