398. Prophecy and Visions given to Raymond Aguilera on 4 February 1994 at 7:46 AM. in Spanish.


To my surprise the Lord revealed another reason for this trip, the Lord said, "The reason you are here is because you are on a mission. You two are going to be my missionaries. I want you to pray on the road in the areas I tell you."

I said to the Lord, "But we are in the United States of America, missionaries are outside the U.S."

The Lord said, "That's where you are wrong. The United States is in trouble like the other parts of the world. You are going to pray against powerful, territorial dark spirits so don't worry for My Angels are on the job, and they will protect you wherever you go, just trust your Father in Heaven with everything."

The Lord keeps saying, "Be quiet, it is there. Be quiet, it is there."

I asked the Lord what was going on and He gave me a vision.


Someone was holding a sword and blowing on the sharp edge; Like someone would on a Harmonica.

In the next image I saw someone was chewing on the blade of the sword. I was receiving the impression it's like a blacksmith beating on an iron blade with a hammer, except this person is doing it with his teeth. That's one vision I received when I asked the Lord, "What was going on?"


I see a creature with a long beak and big eyes like a bird, and it's just looking at me.

The Lord says, "The enemy knows you are here."


The next image is of an airplane crashed in some fog or snow with its tail sticking up in the air.