369. Prophecy given Raymond Aguilera on 30 September 1993 at 1:38 AM. in Spanish.

I know... I know the problems of the world. I know the things of the devil. Look for Me with your prayers. Look for Me with your tears. Eat everything that is bad, and look for the things of Heaven in the manner of God, and arm yourself with the things of God. Yes. There are the things I have promised you, and everything is going to happen like I said to the point.

Yes, it is I, the Father with the Son and the Holy Spirit. I know where you are, and I know where you are going. Don't worry of the things of the world. For the world is going to burn like a match. The THINGS of the world too. Arm yourself, make yourself strong, and I will show you where to take the Book, where to mail it, and where to send it with your computer, with the telephone. Yes, I will show you, but look for Me with all that you have, with your tears, with all of the force you have. All has arrived that I told you My little son.

Don't worry. I know the things of the world are heavy on your shoulders, but I want you to write everything that I tell you. I want you to send everything that I tell you, and I want you to open your ears, and your eyes. I will tell you, show you, and give you all that you need in the manner of God.

Rest, and sleep, and I will call you on another day, on another hour, with the Word of Heaven, with the Word of your Father, with the Word of the Son, with the Word of the Holy Spirit.