368. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 29 September 1993 at 8:23 AM. in Spanish.

It is there. It is there in the fever of the world. It is there. I, the God of the world, of the stars, of all that there is. I, the Father with the Son, and the Holy Spirit; We are going to cure all that is sick. You have to turn yourself until you are in the direction of your Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and in that way you are going to find Heaven. Where I made your house, and My Arms are going to be there waiting for you, My little sons and daughters.

But you have to run and hide yourself, of all that is evil, of all that is of the devil. For the devil wants to munch on you. He wants to eat your spirit with the fever of the Pit. I will protect you, but you have to look for Me. You have to pray. You have to pray and you have to pray. You have to read the Bible with all of your heart, with all of your mind, with all that you have, and I will protect you, with My Angels, with My Hands.

Here comes the day that the world is going to be frightened, and the world is going to get mad with all the Christians and they are going to want to kill all that is good, all that is of your God, all that is of Heaven, of My Son, of the Holy Spirit. For the devil now knows that his time has come, the time of the Pit, but I don't want my Sheep to suffer. I want them to point everything toward your Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit with the Fever of Heaven. I know that if you Love Me, you will do what I tell you with the Mind of Heaven, with the Heart of Heaven, with all that you have. For the war has arrived of the world, the big war that's going to point everything toward the Pit.

What a shame if My Word is there in front of you and you don't pick it up and read it. What a shame! There's the Bible, there's My Prophecies. There are all the Words I have sent to the world and they are not heard. They are not read. And they look for the manner of the devil, the manner of the world. What a Shame. For it is there. Start with the Bible and read it. Learn the Word of your God. Teach yourself everything that is good, and the Word of your God will show you, what is good, and what is bad. The Holy Spirit is going to help you.

There are My Prophecies that I send to all the churches. For My Word is everywhere, for I am everywhere, but you have to give it a chance. You have to open your eyes. You have to open your ears. Then you have to teach your sons, and your daughters, and your mother, and your father. Then start with everyone who is living to one side of you, and then the other side, and also the ones who live in the streets that don't know a thing, the ones who are hungry, the ones that are living in the street without clothes, food, the sick ones, and the old ones. And then start with My Word and tell the world, and everyone that wants to hear, all, who have the hunger of God.

For My little ones this is serious. This is for your life, I will save you. You just have to look for Me with the Fever of Heaven, you have to pray everyday, but I don't want one minute prayers or two minute prayers. I want you to pray, and pray, and pray, until you get tired, and in that way you will show Me that you Love your Father. That's the way it is.

Yes, My Sons, all of the world is going to get mixed up, and is going to run after the devil with the fever of the Pit. I want you all to gather in houses, and pray with the Fever of Heavens, but like I told you. I am going to watch you. I am going to see if you Love Me with your heart for I read the heart, not what you say with your mouth. For I know what is in your heart, but I, and My Son, and the Holy Spirit are going to gather all the Sheep. We are going to gather the Ones that Love Me with all of their heart, and We are going to take them to Heaven.

The rest are going to stay until they are Clean. Did you hear Me? For I only want what is Clean for all that is from Heaven is Clean. "The Heart," read your heart it is very important, "The Heart," the lips are nothing, but the heart, "The heart of your spirit," in that way you can save yourself. But look at your heart with the Eyes of Heaven and don't lie to yourself for I read everything. Read your heart, and then; when you find where you are look for Me with your heart, with your prayers, with your spirit, with all that is clean, and I will save you.

DID YOU HEAR ME WORLD? This is your Father, with the Son, with the Holy Spirit, with all that is of Heaven, with all that is, with all that is going to be, and all that has been. For I am everything, now, tomorrow and yesterday. I am everything from one point to the other. Look for Me with your heart, it is very important, "The Heart." Remember "The Heart, The Heart, The Heart, The Heart, The Heart, The Heart." I will see you, My Love Ones, My Sheep.

This is your Father, with the Son, and the Holy Spirit. There, I will call you, on another day, on another hour with My Prophet, Reymundo. But My Tears are for the Sheep that don't' hear Me, that don't see Me, that don't look for Me. For if you don't look for Me, you won't find Me. I will see you.