357. Dream given to Raymond Aguilera on 17 September 1993 at 6:22 AM.

I just had a very vivid dream. One of the most vivid dreams I have had in a long time. I was in this church and the head pastor was giving a beautiful speech of how they were going to try to raise six hundred dollars to purchase this valuable old Volvo car.

The head pastor said, "The car runs as good as my Mercedes-Benz," and proceed to give this sales pitch to collect money. The Volvo looked very clean and shiny, and this gift was for any church member who wanted, or needed it. At first I thought they were going to give the car away. I remember walking toward this gas station that had this car. For the church needed some kind of certificate from the local gas station that had the car. I believe that gas station owner had given the car to the church.

Somehow during this walk I went into the spirit on the way to the gas station and I found myself with one of the pastors that was collecting money for this car. I could see everything he was doing for I was invisible and he didn't know I was there. This associate pastor was going around collecting money. He came up to a corner and stopped for some reason. I could see that he had a big blue suitcase with him. At this street corner he somehow started soliciting.

On this corner there was a large Catholic church and there was a young Priest out in front of the church as another young Priest came out. The one Priest that was outside proceeded to tell the other Priest that a pastor from another church was on the corner collecting money for this car that they were going to give to someone in his church. The young priest was so moved by what his friend the Priest had said that he reached in his pocket and gave the Priest two hundred and fifty dollars and told his friend to give the pastor the money. So the first Priest goes to the corner where the pastor was collecting money.

And said, "I understand that you are raising money for the Volvo to give to someone in your church."

The pastor reapplied, "Yes."

So the Priest gave the pastor the two hundred and fifty dollars that belonged to the young Priest that had come out of the Catholic Church.

I could see that the pastor was so happy and asked, "Why so much?"

The young Priest said, "It's not my money, it's my friend's money, the Priest that's going into the church. He's the one who gave you this money."

The Priest added and said, "You know, that was his whole months wages too."

So the associate pastor took the money, and the next scene I see is the associate pastors with the head pastor in their church office. The associate pastor opens up the blue suitcase, and tells the head pastor that they have collected all the money for the car.

So the Head pastor said, to my surprise, "This is the best scam we have ever done."

And the associate pastor said, "Yes I know, we collected thirty-three thousand dollars."

The associate pastor said, "What is my share." The head pastor said, "Six thousand dollars."

As they were talking in this room with the curtains closed and the lights on, the associate pastor sees the lights start to dim until he could barely see, and said to the head pastor, "What's going on with the lights for it is getting dark in here? What's the matter with the power?"

The head pastor said, "You must be mistaken the room lights are on." But the associate pastor could see that the lights were almost out in the room and was bewildered on why the head pastor could not see this. The associate pastor sensed the Presence of God in the room, and that He was watching everything that was going on, and listening to them divide the spoils of the six hundred dollar car.

The next image I saw was the pastor's church and there were a few people praying. They were praying that they would collect enough money, so they could give the car away. I could see this one woman sitting next to me in church with tears in her eyes.

The next image is of this fortunate man who paid six hundred dollars for the car. For they sold it to him and didn't give it away after all.

The next image was of this gas station owner that had donated the car for six hundred dollars. I could see him checking the exhaust on this clean looking Volvo. And saying, "Sorry Bud, maybe its just a lemon, the motor is no good. I cannot fix it for you."

I could see the man's face that bought the car with a disappointed look on his face as he walks out the door disgusted at the church, and disgusted at himself for being taken.

The gas station owner mumbled to himself as the man walked out and said, "Sucker," in a quite voice.

The next image I saw was the same woman I had seen earlier in church crying and praying for the Presence of the Lord and praying on her knees. I was sitting next to her and behind another lady. Then in front of me I saw a blue sheet of paper on the top of the back rest of the pew directly in front of me. For some unknown reason I was compelled to place both my hands on the top of the blue paper. As I was doing this, I saw the associate pastor watching me.

As my hands touched the blue sheet of paper my body started to shake and vibrate, and this strange sound started to come out of my lips. My body stood up and moved in a circular motion shaking with this incredible power. I started turning, screaming and yelling in this strange unusual tongue. The associate pastor watched me with cautious eyes. I felt so strange.

The next thing I saw was the room spinning with the cries and anger of God of how this little church found an old car and sold it to a church member for six hundred dollars, with a burnt motor. Then asked for donations to pay for the car and collecting thirty-three thousand dollars. Giving $600 to the gas station owner for the Volvo and selling the car for $600 to a church member, and the pastors pocketing the rest of the money among themselves, which amounted to all the money.

The Lord was totally and completely Mad!!!, and the associate pastor knew that it was the Anger of God. For he remembered, and realized, that it was the Lord that made the lights go dim in the church office, that God was really there listening to their plans. Then I woke up totally shocked, and amazed at the reality and clarity of the dream.