358. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 17 September 1993 at 8:53 AM. in Spanish.

I chewed her. I chewed her with my teeth. Yes, I chewed her.

Hear Me World! This..., All, that you see, that you touch, I am going to change with the Word of God I tell you the truth. This is your Father with the Son, with the Holy Spirit. The day that I promised you, it is here, but you have to search for Me, with the fever of Heaven. For I am not telling you things so you can feel good. I tell you things so you can save yourself in the manner of God.

Open your eyes. Open your ears. For if you don't open them the devil is going to hit you with the force of the devil. If you believe that you know the things of suffering. You know nothing, you are a baby. The devil is going to show you how to suffer if you don't open your eyes, your ears. I tell you these things with Love for I know what is going to happen.

Everyone who is going to place their finger on top of your head, they already know what to do. They all know! For I have placed all, and everything is ready, how I said it in the Bible, it's going to happen. I know, that if you make yourself dumb the hammer of the devil is going to hit you. It is going to hit you with the force of the devil and you are going to scream and you are going to suffer.

Hurry! Hear My Words. Get scared with everything you have, and I want you to pray. I want you to pray with all of your heart, with all of your mind, with all that you have, until you can't talk, until you can't walk, until you can't move, with all of the prayers toward Heaven to your Father, your Son, Jesus, My Son Jesus, and to the Holy Spirit.

But Look..., if you point everything toward Heaven with the Heart of Heaven, I will save you. I will watch you, with My Angels, with all that is well, with all that is Mine. But if you point your nose toward the devil, I am going to give you to the devil, and I tell you these things seriously. For I am not the God that says one thing then another. If I tell you to your face right now, this minute, that I am going to give you to the devil. I am going to give you! My Heart is going to cry, but I am going to do what I said, with My Word.

For the time is finished now, and all is going to come that I said in the Bible, "The End of the End is here." It's in front of your nose, and I am not going to push you here or there. I am going to tell you My Word directly, to the point and I am going to watch you, with the Eyes from Heaven, with the Heart from Heaven. But you have to do what you have to do, and I have to do what I have to do.

Did you hear Me World? This is not a game that you can choose what you want to do and then change your mind. For the game is the game, but I..., I am the God, and when I say something, it happens, and if your heart is in the middle you are not Mine. Did you hear Me? I am telling you Clearly. Either you Love Me or you don't Love Me. If you Love Me, I will save you. If you don't Love Me, I will send you to your god.

Did you Hear Me? I am telling you with Force. I am telling you Clearly. For the things of God are serious, are direct, and to the point. That's all I am going to tell you, at this hour, at this minute. For I am tired of the prayers of the Sheep that are suffering for all that the devil has done in the World.

My Son is fighting the war right now with the Angels. Yes, place the Armor of God on, and pray, and read the Bible, and tell the Word to everyone you know, and the ones you don't know. That your God from Heaven is going to close the World. Tell them with Love. Tell them directly. Tell them seriously. For this isn't a joke, this is for your life.