350. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 12 September 1993 at 3 AM.

I walked around my bed praying, just like the Prophecies said to do, until I couldn't walk or talk. I had a strong desire to pray these last few days and tonight was my first opportunity to really pray. Later I tried to get some sleep and sensed a Prophecy coming. I turned my tape recorder on and waited. It turned out to be some demonic voice. So I turned it off and erased the tape, and tried to go back to sleep.

Now I find myself under severe demonic attack and in the middle of a big spiritual war. I have been fighting it for the last hour because it's trying to cripple me. I have kept praying and rebuking it; trying to send it to the pit of hell under the Power of the Scripture where Christ said I could have anything if I asked in His Name, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. It seemed to have disappeared for awhile, but it is very strong. It crippled me for a little bit; I am using the word crippled for I cannot think of another word to describe it in the flesh.

I sense the Presence of the Lord, but I still sense the presence of the war also. It's very intense, and I am extremely tired from the praying earlier. I am sleepy and I am going to try to get some sleep. All I can say is all the Power, Praise and Glory belong to Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the Father Jehovah, and Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I don't know what's going on Lord, but the warfare is getting very heavy and difficult. I haven't had any sleep and I am tired, but I think the Book is done, at least it's up to date.

I praise you for giving me the opportunity to write it. I wish..., I could understand more of what's going on, but I don't think I want to. I guess some things are better left alone and to just trust you and walk on faith. It's your war, it's your battle. I praise you Lord. I praise you Jesus. I praise you Jehovah. I praise you Holy Spirit. I love you. Good night or good morning whichever, I am just so tired. Over.

3:07 AM.

I don't know, I just don't know! The war is just very intense right now and I can't sleep. Lord Jesus whatever is going on in the spirit, I need some protection. I need some protection now! I can feel..., and I sense the intense battle in the spirit all around me. Maybe its because I finished the Book; well, its not really finished..., but it's all there except for the latest stuff. Maybe the demonic forces are mad, I don't know. I don't know if I should get up and pray some more. I am just so tired, and I need some rest. Lord Jesus Christ, PLEASE!, tell me what to do. I can't think! I can't think!

In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I bind any demonic force that's around me, in any manner, in any shape, in any form, in any strength. I bind you NOW!, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and I send you to the pit of hell. I will not accept anything else, but complete binding, complete rebuking, and I send you to the pit of hell, or wherever the Lord Jesus Christ wants to send you. I will not put up with this!, in any manner, shape, or form.

I cover you with the Blood of Jesus. I soak you in the Blood of Jesus and I seal this house in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I cover the floors, the walls, the ceiling, everything around me in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I cover all my family, relatives, my friends, and everyone who has received the Prophecies, with the Blood of Christ. And I order this by the Power of the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, by the Scripture that stated in the Bible, that I can ask for anything if I ask in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Over!

3:15 AM.

I sense my spirit flowing or floating around in my bed. I don't know any other way to explain it. Something is going on..., in the spirit, and I cannot explain it, in the flesh. All I can do is praise the Lord, and hope that it is over soon. That's all I can do for this is out of my hands. Over. (Praying in Non- understandable tongues)

3:20 AM. My house is creaking, not loudly, but making noises. I am sensing things in the spirit. I think..., I can hear noises in the spirit, (not in the room) in the spiritual world, moaning and groaning. I don't know if it's God's Angels, or the enemy, but I can sense the warfare. I don't know if the recorder is picking up the sound; I just don't understand some things in the spirit. I just know that they are real, and that they happen. Right now, this second..., "I frankly don't give a damn if people believe me or not, for I know what is happening is not natural, and there is nothing I can do, but pray and wait it out." (Praying in Non-understandable tongues)

I praise you Lord. I praise you, Lord Jehovah. I praise you Lord Holy Spirit. (Praying in Non- understandable tongues)

I Praise you Lord, all Power, Honor and Glory go to Jesus Christ of Nazareth. All Power, Glory, and Authority go to Jehovah. All Power, Glory, and Authority go to the Holy Spirit. I praise you. I praise you Jesus.