349. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 12 September 1993 at 3:14 PM. in Spanish.

He is going to go. The boy is going to go. The boy is going to go. Yes, Reymundo, the boy is going to go. He is going to look for a house, a house that looks for the devil, with the mind, with the heart, with all that is evil. The boy, the boy that was in the bus that hit the tree when he was small. He is going to look for the house of the devil. He has started the day that I told you earlier. The boy that was in the bus when the bus hit the tree. He already knows the Bible from the beginning to the end. Until the end. Now he is going to learn the things of the devil, and he is going to learn the end of him, and of all who look for the evil. What a shame. That the boy is going to do the things of the devil.

My Heart, write everything that I tell you in the manner that I tell you. For the things of the world are going to change and everything is going to be pointed toward the pit. But don't worry for My Son is there, the Holy Spirit is there, and I am there, the Father. We are going to protect all the sheep, everyone that loves Me, with their heart, with the mind, with the spirit. I, the Father, with the Son, and the Holy Spirit are going to protect all, everything is in My Hands for I am going to correct everyone. The boy and all that is evil. For what My Word says, is going to be, is going to happen to the point, and you don't have to worry for everything is in My Hands.

Write everything, all that I tell you, and pray, and pray. Study the Bible, and pray, and pray, and eat the Communion everyday. I will talk to you again, with the counsel of God, with all that is straight, with all that is from Heaven. Make yourself strong for the Body of My Son is going to want to eat you with the fever of the devil, but remember you are in My Hands. Just pray, read the Bible, repent, and I will help you, with the Angels, with the Holy Spirit, with My Son, with My Word. Yes, get up, start to work on the Book right now! Did you hear Me, My little son? Get up, We have to work, and I'll call you on another day.