268. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 22 January 1993 at 11:56 AM in Spanish.

Yes, Reymundo it is nauseating to Me. It is nauseating to Me. The time of the Earthquake is here. It is here! You have to point your eyes toward Heaven for all that is good, for all that is of Christ, for all that is of the Father, for all that is of the Holy Spirit. The time of the Earthquake is here. Open your eyes. Open your ears.

The Flame from the sky is going to arrive. All the things I have said to you in the Prophecies are Correct and are to the Point. You have to see the things that are straight, the things that are clean. The things that are from your Father with the Son and the Holy Spirit. The ground is going to open up and the things that are filthy are going to enter. For all that is filthy is of the ground, of the Pit. I know people aren't going to believe you, but that is not important. What is important, is that We are going to clean all that is filthy.

And the State of California is filthy and there are other parts of the World that are the same. And We are going to begin to clean all that is filthy with the Word of Heaven, with the Word of all that is good. This is your Father, I am telling you with tears of what's going to happen.

Write and put down everything that I am telling you, and in that way they will believe. They are going to believe, for the miracles I am going to do in this World, in all the parts of the World. I am going to show them who is God. For I am going to clean everything that is evil. My Son, with the Angels, are fighting in the World, they are fighting in Heaven with the Force of your Father, with the Force of the Son, and the Force of the Holy Spirit.

Everything is going to be cleansed and I am going to close the Book on this World. The things of the heart have to be clean. Did you hear Me? California is filthy, I tell you with tears. The ground is going to separate with the broom of Heaven, I am going to put in all that is evil.

What a shame that the people of the World don't believe the Word of God. What a shame. But what is of Heaven is Clean and everything that is of this World is filthy. All the churches, all the people, only the ones which believe in God, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, I am going to save. The Ones who have a Pure, Clean and Clear heart.

The rest are going to have a chance with the Rain of flame from the sky. For I tell them, I tell them, and I tell them. And they shut their eyes, ears, and they do what they believe and what they want.

What a shame, Reymundo! For I love them all, but the time has arrived that I have to straighten out all that is evil and make it straight. I know you have had problems trusting your God, in the things of the heart, but the steps of God are sometimes hard. But point your eyes toward Heaven to My Son with the Holy Spirit and I, your Father will help you. Your steps are My Steps, don't worry of ladies, of pastors, of nothing.

We have work to do. We have things to do. We have to turn all that is filthy, all that is of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and We have to point it toward Heaven. You believe the work is very large, but nothing is big for your God, He can do everything with the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Just hear My Words and do what I tell you, and everything will go well. Don't worry for your male and female friends, for all of God is going to be fixed.

Look at the Date. The Date of the World, I am going to show you things very clearly. Don't get scared, but it's the truth. I am going to give you the gifts that I told you. They are going to be more pointed than before, and the Force of the Holy Spirit is going to grow minute by minute, day by day. For everyday that comes, the Date gets closer. Enjoy yourself tonight with your friend, I am with you.

For the Force of God no one can stop. I tell you the truth. I tell you clearly, I tell you to the point. Don't worry of the friends you have for no one can stop you. For the Word of God is very important, and I am going to use you. Did you hear Me, Reymundo? I am going to use you for We have to turn the Body of God toward Heaven. I am tired of all that has happened today.

We have to gather everyone that is loose with the ones that are filthy, and We have to separate them. Yes, Reymundo hear Me. For all the saints are everywhere. We have to gather them, and show them, and point them toward Heaven.

Don't worry, I know your heart. I know what We have to do. You have more force than you think. You have more faith than you think. I know you say things you don't know because your faith doesn't know, but I know your faith, I know your heart, and I know your spirit more than you. I am not going to hit you, for you think of things you don't know. For I read your heart. That's the thing that is important, the heart. Repent! If you believe you have done something wrong, but I know things of Heaven, I know the things that are good.

I know your head gets mixed up, and you don't know what to do, but that's the devil. He wants to make you fall. He wants to push you down and jump on top of your body with all the force of the devil. He wants to cut your throat, but he cannot touch you.

Did you hear Me, Reymundo? Don't worry of anyone of your female friends, and I tell you clearly. Don't worry. Don't worry of man, of the pastors, of the police, of the soldiers. For My Hand is Heavy, and I will correct everything that needs to be corrected. I know what's going to happen, and you will never leave for I have read your heart. You will never leave Me. You believe you might fail, but I know you won't. You are very strong, but your mind doesn't know.

I will show you, Reymundo, the things of the World, but the ground is going to open, and with the broom of Heaven, I am going to push into the Pit all that is filthy. Tell everyone of the World, that your Father of Heaven, your God, is seriously telling you things.

For He doesn't fool around with the things of God. He is to the Point. He is Clear. If I say I am going to push something down, I will push it down. If I am going to lift something, I will lift it. It's not one thing then another, and I tell you these things with the Love of My Heart. Sometimes, I tell you things very hard, but it hurts Me that I have to do what I have to do, but the end has arrived.

Have Joy tonight at the party of your friend. I will help you with My Angels, with the Holy Spirit, with My Son. Everyone is helping you, Reymundo. Trust your God. That's all that I am going to tell you, but here comes the earthquake. I want you to go, and buy a little more food, and wait. Wait, for here it comes. Did you hear Me, My son? I will protect you, your house, your things, for you are My Little Saint. I will see you.