269. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 23 January 1993 at 1:22 PM. in English.

Yes Ray, the hour that was revealed to you in the earlier Prophecies will be established, the hour of the beast. The conference that the beast recently attended was a complete success. All the beetles that attended the conference were happy, are rejoicing. For the food they ate was of the devil. They are satisfied at the present time with the meal they had. The Maggots of this world will multiply, will increase, the revelation to the world will become focused when the beast ( ? ).

All that will happen is that the beast will reveal this great plan. This manifestation of his own intellect, which really became a union between him, and the devil. The airplanes will fly, the beetles will build, the sky will rain, and the world's focus will be turned in a false direction. For the beast is going to manipulate the media in a direction that will be contrary to the Word of God. What will be right, will actually be wrong, and what will be wrong, will actually be right.

The communications of the world will be biased, will be of the beast, and the beast will be controlled by Satan. So don't be quick to condemn. For what is white will be black, and what is black will be white. Be very careful My Children, My Sheep, My Lambs. For many will be deceived, and many will fall. For the actions of the beast are the actions of all that is evil.

Read the Bible, study, stay focused, stay tuned. For some of your SO CALLED GREAT MEN are working for the enemy. Do not be deceived. Focus on Jesus Christ of Nazareth, your Father Jehovah, and the Holy Spirit will guide you, and direct you. Remember My Words, what sounds pretty, what sounds right could be wrong.

For the communications of this world, this planet are going to amplify the word of Satan, through the beast, through his organization. The false prophet will begin his campaign with the mass media. He will begin to change the value systems of the planet, and focus it in the direction of the Antichrist.

Listen carefully, very, very carefully to what is said in the media. For they are going to use the media to destroy the righteous, to destroy the Word of God. Focus in on the Bible, the Book of Romans, the Book of Chronicles, the Book of Ephesians, the Book of Revelation, the Book of Hebrews, and finish it off with the Gospels, the Word of God, My Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth, with the Holy Spirit, and the Father Jehovah God. Be careful My Lambs. Be careful My Seeds. For what you hear, for what you read, for what you see in the communication of this world are going to become corrupted. The false prophet is there. (Non-understandable tongues?)

Look at the sky. Look at the sky. There will be a sign in the sky. Look at the sky My Children. You will see miracles. You will see wonders. You will see, and feel, and sense the Presence of the Holy Spirit working through the planet. Your Father will not abandon you. Remember That! Jesus Christ of Nazareth will never abandon you. Remember that! The Holy Spirit will never abandon you. Remember that! No matter what happens focus on your God. Stay strong, love one another, help one another, and you'll be okay. (Non-understandable tongues?)

Look to the sky. Look to the sky, and you will see, and you will know, that Jehovah does not Lie. (Non-understandable tongues?)