111. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 25 June 1992 at 12:11 PM. in Spanish.

Everything that I told you is the truth. Yes, it is. My Word about the Lion with two heads, I know that you don't believe it, but it is the truth. You can write it down. Don't get scared because the Prophecy of the Lion with two heads did not hit you right. For what I said is the truth.

This is your God the Father, with his Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. It's good that you ask Me when you Pray, when you don't believe something, because that's the way, and the manner of God and you. Pray and ask Me and I'll tell you the truth.

You're doing everything I said and everything will go well with you. It's good that you Pray, with all your Mind, with your Heart, with your Spirit because that's the way of the Saints.

With all the Joy of Heaven I'll call you another day, another time when you need Me, but We are just starting. It's right that you ask Me when you have a question of the Word that's Mine, your God, with the Son, and the Holy Spirit.