110. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 25 June 1992 at 10:34 AM. Thursday in English.

I want you Ray, to fix your eyes on the Horizon. For the day will be upon you where the sign that I told you earlier will appear. That sign is the sign of the Heavenly Host that will touch your lips and will change you into a new person from what you have been. For you are doing the job that I told you to do correctly and exactly how I told you.

You're Right on the Path that I so destined you, before you were born. You will receive the Gifts that I have been telling you. For the Gifts will appear at the appropriate time. For they will be used to the fullest extent of your ability. The hour is upon you to carry My Word to the far corners of the World for the World will be no more.

The Star will arrive at the appointed time, for the Star is on its way. The time for it to come will amaze and astonish the whole world. For the Heavenly Host will be appearing when the Commerce and Oil Finances of the World will be at its peak. The sound of the trumpet will sound in the Heavens and on Earth. For the closing of the trap on the devil will be complete. The Saints that Preserve and that stay Clean and Righteous will meet My Son in the Cloud.

The hour is at Hand. The day will be a wondrous and triumphant conclusion to the long and awaited return of My Son. The Angels that have been fighting the War in Heaven are exuberant and are impatiently waiting for the new arrivals. So beware of the False Prophet, the Antichrist, and the Worship of the Beast.

Come all you faithful Christians, come all thee faithful Christians for your endurance will win you your Mansions in Heaven beyond your comprehension. I know that you have suffered. I know that you love Me in your Hearts. For the Heart is what I read, not the Mind, not the Lip, only the Heart. For you carried your Cross triumphantly through all the obstacles that Satan threw at you.

For your love and your dedication to Me, Jehovah and My Son, Jesus Christ of Nazareth and the Holy Spirit, We warmly and triumphantly welcome you into Heaven at the appropriate time. For you endured to the end. My Peace. My Love will be expressed when you enter the Pearly Gates. For once you step through those Pearly Gates you will Never, Never, Never, Never, have to worry again. For you kept your word and I will keep Mine. For My Word is the First and the Last and that commitment will never be Broken. I love My Sheep, My Lambs, for you endured to the end.