1997. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 12 July 2010 at 7:10 PM


I began praying in tongues at 7:10 PM, and I finished at 8 PM. During my prayer time I kept seeing the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount in the old city of Jerusalem. As the prayer proceeded I was given a vision of a Hammer. The Hammer was almost as large as the Dome, and it was hitting the Dome of the Rock over and over again, right on top of the Dome. At times the image of the Hammer changed into a large wooden Mallet, and then it changed back into the Hammer again. In each case, whether I saw a Hammer or a Mallet, the image basically showed me the same thing, which was a large and heavy object repeatedly pounding on the top of the Dome of the Rock.


The vision stopped at 8 PM sharp. At that time I saw the Dome of the Rock slice into pieces, like an orange peeling from the top down. I saw a sudden bright Light come down from heaven, entering in at the center of where the Dome of the Rock had stood. This is when my prayer language stopped.


Oh, and I forgot to mention that in between the hammerings of the Dome of the Rock I had an image of a DVD of a movie of prophet Jeremiah that I had seen at the grocery store earlier that day. (over)