1994. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 11 June 2010 at 2:30 AM

The Lord woke me up and said: "Everything is oiled in Paris, the milk is found, the cow has found its milk. The cow has found its milk." (Over)

Another saying the Lord said, "The Lord said has anyone ever seen or heard of a Jewish Muhammad."

The Goat and the Ram will butt heads repeatedly until the blood comes gushing out. The river of blood will flow. The storm will prevail for the number seven. Then the cow will look for its milk. Many will suffer, many will die and the river will flow.

Reymundo, Anoint the places I told you, for the blood will flow like a river. The country of Israel will be ravished. People will believe, will pray for the end of Israel. The hawks, the vultures will come together; will look for flesh meat. Anoint the land, I tell you to Anoint. Keep yourself focused. Your leg and your foot will heal, but do as I say. Cover the land of Israel with oil. So Jehovah has spoken, through the Power of the Holy Spirit, through the Name of the King of Kings, everything will be done according to the timing of Jehovah.

Many people will believe there is no God, there is no mercy, but let Me make it clear, Jehovah knows, Jehovah does, Jehovah completes everything He starts. The mind of man cannot comprehend or understand why certain things happen. Most donít even know there is a Holy Spirit. Most donít even believe in God. Most will die. The vengeance of God is clear and is to the point, and cannot be changed. The plan was set many years ago.

Read your Bible and study the Word of God. God does not lie. God is for real and to the point. The Power of God will be shown and will be clear and to the point at the proper time, at the proper place. World leaders will not believe you, Reymundo. Church leaders will not believe you. The Jewish people will not believe you, but do not worry. I am in control. The Word of God, the Power of God once it is set no one can change it. What people believe is not important if it contradicts the Word of God.

Those were good questions you were asking Carlís friend. Even the Jewish people do not believe in prophets anymore. They want the Hand of God to protect them. They want to do the will of God. How can they do the will of God, if they do not even believe in the prophets of God. The ways of God are clear, direct and to the point. The problem is man wants God to get in line with man, but that is not possible; it has to be the other way around. Man has to get in line with God.

The Power of everything lies in the Word of God. Jesus Christ died, He suffered in that death, He came back to life. There was a purpose; there was a meaning behind His death. Most people donít even believe it. You get people who mock God. You get people who make jokes of God. Like I told you in other prophecies, Words; the one who laughs last, laughs best.

The power forces are being prepared right now for the end times. The map is being laid before them. The instructions for My Saints has been laid for a number of years, but like you know, Rey, and you have seen, a lot of people do not believe what you have written, what you have said. Those are the ways of today, the ways of man. Go back to sleep, rest, we have to finish the Anointing tomorrow. Well done, My good and faithful servants. Be strong, be brave. I will heal your foot and your leg and protect your families at home or wherever they are, or wherever they go. I love you, Rey. Stay focused. So be it! So be it! So be it! (over)