1965. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 4 September 2009 at 10:43 AM


I see this large stone, I guess it is a milling stone. It is going around and around.

(Non-understandable Tongues)

Yes, Reymundo, what you saw is true: A mill stone spinning and grinding and crushing whatever is in its path. That is the way man is. He spins. He spins his opinions, he spins his ideas. He spins his theology. He spins his world. Man wants everyone to believe him. Man wants everyone to hear him. Man wants everyone to follow him. Thatís the way it is with the spin of man. They are always right. They are never wrong. They have an answer to every question, every idea, every scripture, everything that comes down the path to their little spiritual mind. Men and their spin is a way of life. Everyone has ideas, everyone has opinions, everyone wants to be heard. Thatís man. They twist things, they lie, they persuade, sometimes under the banner of Jesus Christ. But remember Reymundo, what I tell you is straight, direct and to the point.

Your God Jehovah, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit; they do not spin. What they say is direct, correct, accurate. Thatís the reason I tell you to keep your mouth closed Ray. Because if you open your mouth, you will do like everyone else; spin, spin your ideas, your opinions. And there is no room for manís spin. When a prophet of God speaks, it is like God speaking. If man twists and turns the Word of God as he speaks, he will answer to Me. I will correct him. People do not understand the fear of God. If you are a prophet of Mine, you better have the fear of God. If you are the prophet of man, do what you want, say what you want. But your reward will come, direct and to the point.

So Reymundo, if it is a prophecy of God, or a personal matter; you keep your mouth closed. Did you hear Me, directly and to the point? It doesnít matter what people say, what people think about you or your path in life. You just follow Me. Donít listen to pastors, donít listen to politicians, donít listen to family members. You just do as I say. Did you hear me clearly, did you hear me correctly, did you hear Me to the point? I am not playing games. The Words of God are Powerful, will not come back void. People might not understand the meanings, but if they are the Words of God, they are direct and to the point. Some people can see and interpret parables, visions and dreams. It is their job to speak only what God tells them. If they put a spin on it; they will be hearing from Me.

Do you understand what I said? Let people play their games, Ray. Let them twist and turn and say this and take sides and do this and do that. You just be still, keep your mouth closed, do what I say, keep praying, reading the Bible and listen to My Words. People will not like you. People will hate you. But that is the walk of a prophet. Everyone will have an opinion about you and most of it will be bad. Do you understand Ray? It will be bad. But as long as you are in My Hands and you do as I say, do not worry what people say, do not worry about peopleís opinions about you. You just keep your focus on Jehovah, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Everything will come out right, I will take care of these people who twist and spin, just like that millstone that goes around and around and crushes the millís seeds. Thatís the way itís going to be with these people. This large stone is going to go around and around and crush what is not of God. But you let Me do the correcting. You canít heal anybody, you canít correct anybody Reymundo.

You just are My Voice in this wilderness of opinions. Opinions upon opinions. It goes around and around. Until We Speak again Reymundo. Keep your focus, keep your ears and eyes open and We will Speak again. But remember, there are a lot of demonic forces after you. They use people, they use tools, they use things you cannot see or understand. You keep your focus on Jehovah, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, and all will be well. You are doing a good job. You did not think you could do it from the beginning, but you are doing a good job. Keep your focus, keep your focus, keep your focus. Like I said, until We Speak again, My beloved. Pray, pray and pray, keep that armor of God on and pray and pray.