1957. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 14 July 2009 at 1:00 PM


How are you Reymundo? How are things? I see that you are going through some trials and tribulations. Donít worry, everything is in My Hands. I will correct what needs to be corrected. Punish what needs to be punished. Save what needs to be saved.

You were correct in your interpretation of the vision you saw. That little speck is all the universes that are in existence, are in that speck. Man tries to figure out the big bang theory. All that they are trying to figure out is that little speck. Youíre correct; God lives outside that speck. Godís Kingdom is beyond that speck. It is beyond whatever man could think of. The Power of God is beyond whatever man could think. But yet God gives man the right to choose; to follow Him or to go to this other place that He has made. The Laws of God are perfect and exact and to the point. When God says He wants something, He gets it! If He doesnít, things change in the personís so called reality world.

God doesnít play games. He doesnít say, see this, do that and then turn around and change in mid stream. There is always a reason why God wants something, even if man does not understand. Those who believe God, Love God; those that want to do their own thing; well, I will let the devil take care of them, and their own thing. They make a choice, no one stands in the middle, either they are for God or for the devil. Satan loves new converts. He gets a lot new converts all the time.

A lot of people want to replace God. Replace the Wisdom of God with their own earthly logic, with their earthly wisdom. They remove God from the Throne and they place themselves on the throne. They will get nowhere. As time moves on; people know, or realize life is short. So if you want to live with your Father Jehovah, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit in this place outside that speck that I showed you Reymundo, for all the time that there is time, they have to obey God, they have to trust God. But if you want to do your own thing, God will let you do your own thing. But remember, God can read your heart. You cannot lie to God. So much for the lesson of the universe that is smaller than a pin head to God.

Have a good day, Reymundo. We will talk again, and I will show you some of the deep things you have been seeking. There is so much you do not know. There is so much you do not understand. So until next time, keep yourself focused. Stay in prayer, and We will talk again. (over)