1929. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera 31 May 2008 at 12:30 AM


Last night my computer crashed. The problem started with me having a hard time turning the computer off, and eventually I had to use the off button to close it. Then my computer would not restart the Windows operating program. I tried everything for the next hour or so. Finally I gave up and turned off the monitor and decided to let the computer run all night without an operating program to see what would happen. I turned off the monitor and said a short prayer asking the Lord to fix the computer. I laid down to pray about my next move, when all of a sudden this Wind came into my office through the half opened window and within a few seconds I heard my computer make strange noises. I walked over to the monitor and turned it on and saw Eva's picture showing on my desk top. I noticed that the curtains were still moving in the room. This seemed like what one would see in a movie. I quickly walked into our bedroom and told Eva what had just happened because she had seen me trying to fix the email computer an hour earlier. Eva was surprised about the occurrence and responded by saying something like "why don't you bring the Wind into this room too, to fix my sore back."