1884. Dream given to Raymond Aguilera on 27 November 2006 at 5 AM

I had a dream of people running up and down some sloping hills toward me like a herd of cattle. I do not know what they were running from or to. They were all wearing animal skins; they reminded me of cave men.

Then I was on an embankment and I could see a farmer's field with a ditch for watering. As I looked closer I saw a large snake in the ditch. It was about 100 feet long. I told my sister Cristina to give me the water hose next to her so I could hose it away. As she gave me the water hose I could see the snake stock a large bird, which was as large as a small car. As the snake got close to the bird it raised itself up into the air. This shocked me, because it raised itself about 40 feet into the air and was about to strike the bird as I shot it with my water hose. The bird flew away with the snake chasing it.

Then the Lord said "A living prophecy."