1868. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 14 November 2006 at 4:13 PM

Well Reymundo, you seem to be creating quite a disturbance in the spiritual world. The war has intensified in the Spirit and you are a big part of it. I know it's been hard the last few days. The power structures that I told you about, that you do not understand are really upset. Don't worry; I know the Cross is heavy. We are protecting you; just keep up the good work. Somebody has to do it, just keep typing, keep sending out what I tell you. It doesn't matter if the spiritual forces that are against God get upset. They can't stop Me; all they can do is get mad and attack you! But don't worry, Reymundo, everything will happen as I told you.

Everything I promised, everything will go according to plan. You are doing a good job. I know you got some hard hits these last couple of days, just stay in prayer, have Communion, keep reading the Bible and all will go well. Sometimes the path that the Lord chooses isn't very easy, sometimes is hard. But if We are going to shake this planet, rattle it from side to side, it has to have a beginning and it has to have an end. We are approaching the end times and I want to shake up and clean up My Body.

I noticed that you were watching that televangelist last night. I could tell you understood what I was saying by the Prophecies. But Reymundo, that is only one. There are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of preachers, pastors that are doing the same thing you saw last night - money, money, money, money, money! That's there bible, that's there cause, that's their revival. The demonic forces like it the way it is. So they are going to attack you Ray. Don't worry; I have My Angels around you. Don't expect any help from the brothers and sisters that are into that type of religion. Actually, they will lead a campaign to stop you with a vengeance!

I know this is kind of isolating you, but the prophets of old never had it easy either Ray. But you will have a lot easier than them. This is what I want you to do: I want you just to take some time off and just rest. Rest that body, that mind, your spirit. We have more work to do. We are on the attack! Get out there and swing that Sword. I know you feel like it's a one man army, but if you could only see the Angels that are behind that Sword you carry!

People of the Body of Christ do not understand what I am telling you right now, but it is the truth. Just keep swing that Sword until We get this job done. I know it gets lonesome. I know you have no one to talk to, but you can do it Ray! You can do it! So rest My son. We have more battles, more demons to confront with the Power of Jehovah, with the Power of Jesus Christ, with the Power of the Holy Spirit. Once I place something into motion - nothing will stop it! So be it! So be it! So be it! (over)