1853. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 2 November 2006 at 9:15 AM

Ray: "Heavenly Father is Mohammed your Prophet?"

Jehovah: "No! I do not know him! Jesus Christ of Nazareth does not know him! The Holy Spirit does not know him! He is of his own - lost! Like I told you before; the things of God are the things of God. The things of man are the things of man. The things of the devil are the things of the devil. Your Father Jehovah knows all; does all. He allows certain things to happen to fulfill His will. The Alpha, the Omega, the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, the Law of Law, the Supreme God has given you His Word - Straight and to the Point!

Many go by the wide road, many seek, - only a few will find because they are focused on Jehovah, on Jesus Christ of Nazareth, on the Holy Spirit. There will be war, there will be rumors of wars, there will be earthquakes. The Sun will grow dark. The air will get stale. When the ground shakes people get frightened, when the Spirit shakes the World shakes. Things will fall, things will rise.

The things of man are nothing, but the Power of God is the Power of everything. What is Good. What is Righteous. I do not know Mohammed! Mohammed is on his own. The Muslim faith is the faith of Mohammed, not the Faith of Jehovah, not the Faith of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, not the Faith of the Holy Spirit. The two will never mix. What does Light have to do with darkness? This will offend many people, but I am God, and when God speaks, people listen, if they do not listen they are lost for all time that there is time.

Everything I told you about being a thorn in man's church is true. Everything I told you about the seven churches is true. Everything I told you about the wives is true. People have eyes to see what they want to see and in the manner they want to see. Everything is fine as long as they see what Jehovah sees, what Jesus Christ of Nazareth sees, what the Holy Spirit sees. That is where the Power is. That is where the Love is. The Creator, the Maker, the Breaker of the Universe has spoken!

Relax My son, everything will go well, everything will go according to plan. Be patient. Keep your lips closed. Jehovah, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit will do the talking; will do the correcting. When you see Lighting in the sky you see Power. When you see the Lighting of Jehovah, of Jesus Christ, of the Holy Spirit; people will see the Power of Power. When I say: "I will shake; I will rattle this planet" people have no understanding of My Abilities to do exactly that. I could eliminate this planet in a microsecond if I so choose. People don't believe that, but it is the truth.

Man's riches mean nothing to Me. I created the Universe from nothing. To you it took millions of years, to Me it was in an instant. My Voice said it and it became complete to every dust particle, to every gas particle, to every thing it is, to everything it is going to be. I am the Power of Power. My sound of My Voice could create; could kill; could destroy; could Love. People have to re-educate themselves through the Spirit of God. Seek Me as a child.

I could give you Reymundo anything and everything you wanted, but I don't want to do that. I will give you what I stated. The Manners of God are the Manners of God. No one can shake. No one can manipulate the Manners of God.

Do you understand Reymundo right now this second all these so called televangelist; all these prophets; all these religions are nothing. Only the Spirit of God is what is important and what is in line with the Spirit of God. I could bring a plague on this planet to wipe out everybody, but I Love My People, the ones that are seeking Me with pure hearts; the ones who cry at night seeking Me, My Beloveds. They are few compared to the many that are going to fall.  My Remnant. They do not listen to man; they listen to God. They obey God, even if it is against the rules and laws of man, because they love Me. They obey Me and I Love them with the Love of Love, I will protect them and I will save them.

Through the hundreds and hundreds of years many have died for My Names sake. There is no such thing as death when it comes to Jehovah, to Jesus Christ, to the Holy Spirit. I control life. I control death. I control everything. So relax Reymundo. Take a deep breath - relax. I will give you the funds for the ministry with the Love of My Heart, I will give you security, peace. I really enjoyed you questioning Me. When you doubt, down to your spirit, pray to Me Ray. There is nothing wrong with doubt, as long as you seek for answers through Jesus Christ of Nazareth, through the Holy Spirit, through your God Jehovah. I know this path We are going to go; is beyond your ability to understand, but trust Me.

There is going to come a war where many things are going to change; the weather, the formation of countries, the power structures. Trust Me, Ray. The church of man is nothing. Do as I say, take that step. You are doing a good job. I will send you people to help you; whether they are wives, whether they are technicians, whether they are just average people.

This instant, this second in your time, I have the universe in My Hand, if I close My Hand everything will be gone. Universe upon universe, people, everything I ever created will vanish; by the closing of My Hand. Remember that Reymundo; that is POWER! I do not need man to rationalize the things of God.

There will be a day where I will re-make and rebuild My little Family that I began so many years ago. To Me it is no time, to man it has been considerable, but remember I am God; man is nothing. Worry about the One who can kill the flesh and kill the spirit. These are hard Words with very deep meanings.

I Love you Ray. You have come a long ways in the short period of time. We have a ways to go yet. So make yourself strong. Be valiant! I know it is hard. I know you have to go against your value system, but I am bringing this world to an end, and people will never understand the Ways of God. They never seek God as a child. They are controllers; manipulators. Sometimes I laugh at them because they think they are so clever; so wise. Well, Reymundo, did I answer your prayer? If not; We will speak again at another time. My Beloved, peace be with you and your family; for you are in My Hands and I will protect you. So be it! So be it! So be it!"  (over)