1822. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 9 June 2005 at 6:40 PM

All Glory and Honor, all Glory and Honor go to the Father Jehovah. All Glory and Honor goes to the Father Jehovah. Peace My Children, Peace. There is a Calamity before you. There is going to be tensions around the world, - some political, some with the gun, some with the bomb; people will die. As you look around you, you see people getting used to people dieing in Afghanistan, and in Iraq. It is not such a bad thing anymore. People become complacent to war. They get complacent to peace. But there is a Calamity waiting around the corner. The Calamity will be, what some believe, a righteous thing, but in the long run it will be the end of the end. People will dedicate their lives to this event. People will eventually die. So be it! So be it!

Open your eyes, open your ears. The Ways of God are not the ways of man. Some people look to the sky, to the heavens, for answers. Some look to the Bible for answers. Some just cover their eyes and hope it all goes away. Everything has been set, everything has been placed in motion, everything is moving to the final end.

Salvation is there, so you have to stand on the watch tower. You have to have your oil ready for your lamps. I see and I hear the controversies in the churches on the bulletin boards. I see the troubles that are in the Body's ears and eyes.  The problem is, the Body is asleep. The Body cannot hear, cannot see. There are many religious spirits in churches. They take the Bible and twist it and point it in the direction they want to go. Sometimes it is money. Sometimes it is power. Sometimes it is, "I did it my way."

I know there is a young man in Ray's bulletin board who is creating problems. He is using the Bible, he is using the same religious spirit that the churches use. He is blind, he is dumb, he can't see, but he is young. He has no experience in the world. He baits people with questions and he is not looking for answers, it is his religious pride. This religious pride is very common in today's churches. It doesn't bring people together; it breaks them apart. It divides the Body. There is no fruit in this young man's questions and answers, but he will see the back of My Hand soon. So be it. So be it.

But for other things; this Calamity that is coming before you; - you need to be prepared. You need to bring your families together. You need to pray. You need to take Communion. You need each other. You have to stop this division. You have to stop this fighting. I came with one Word. My Father directed Me, and I obeyed. And I am directing you to obey this Word. Pull yourselves together. Make yourself strong, pray, have Communion. The Holy Spirit will show you and guide you. Drop the pride. Don't let the blind lead the blind. Open your eyes, open your ears. The ways of man are always sinful. They always have been, since the great fall.

My Father, Myself and the Holy Spirit have watched many people grow up and die, some young, some old, some had wisdom, some were foolish; like this man on this website. But everything will come out right. I will correct what needs to be corrected. Not every one that says, "Lord, Lord", will be saved. So take off your glasses, take off your binders over your ears. Remember, the Lord spoke one Word. My Father has the date, has the time. Everything is getting prepared for that moment in time. But remember, you have to have your household in order. You have to pray together. You have to help each other.

A man is known by his... the fruit of his tree. If its good fruit, it produces great wealth for the Lord. A bad tree produces a bad tree; - a bad fruit. The ways of the devil are beyond your understanding in some ways, because some of your thoughts are his thoughts, and he can manipulate the way things happen, how people treat each other. But remember, if you are spirit filled with the Holy Ghost, My Father and Myself will protect you. But don't go and do your own thing. Be wise, be smart. Drop to your knees, pray to your God. Ask for forgiveness, for the time is short. Many people believe that things will go on as they always have been. They are going to be surprised, for this Calamity is going to shock the world. People will not know what is up or what is down. These are simple Words but until you live through those times you will not comprehend what I am saying; until it happens.

Remember, you are running as fast as you can towards this cliff in the dark. You will not see it until you fall. But don't forget, I will be there to catch you. Remember, I Love you. My Father Loves you, the Holy Spirit Loves you. All Praise and Honor goes to the Father. All Praise and Honor go to the Father. This is His only beloved Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth giving you some Words of wisdom. Now, drop to your knees and pray. Seek, and you will find. (over)