1817. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 4 April 2005 at 4 PM

I had a very stressful day; everything seemed to be a battle around here.  Eva and the kids seem to be stressed out. My work computer has crashed three times this week and I had to reinstall Windows XP each time. Then this last time it began to turns itself on and off, I found it doing that the next morning, I guess it rebooted through the whole night. Then very month we cannot pay our bills. Even my brother Ted pulled me to one side and told me someone is always trying to open his bedroom door.  He thought it was little Jason, my son, but during one of the door rattling or shaking he ran and opened the bedroom door and no one was there. I do not know for sure, but it seems to me that Satan got mad after we Anointed the driveway and covered it over with brick.

So this afternoon I decided to pray to see what the Lord would say and about the Pope dieing.

During the prayer about the Pope the Lord gave me a vision: I saw this city street covered with about three inches of water and cars driving through the water and splashing water as they passed.  Then this small bird appeared placing its beak into the water as if it was drinking.

Then the Lord answered my personal prayer request by saying, "Patience".