1811. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 2 February 2005 at 11 PM

I am, I am, I am what you see.  I am what you touch. I am what you dream. I am the invisible. I am the real.  Everything that could possibly be, I am. Mankind has traveled through the ages, with knowledge, with wisdom, with evil, with death. Man has been contaminated for many years; the devil introduced him. Man has enjoyed sin since its conception. There are many kinds of sins. There are times that the devil sets plans and encourages man's minds and spirits to follow his plans and schemes of the devil. And there are times when man on his own develops these evil ideas and follows his own path. The path that leads to death, that leads to Gehenna. You asked me about Auschwitz, why the Jews died in these concentration camps? Why I let it happen? Why I didn't do a thing to stop it?

It all began with a plan of a sick man, who wanted to be king, king of the world. This man didn't do anything different that others haven't tried, but he heard voices. These voices were from the devil, and he listened, and the devil spoke. At first this man didn't believe the voices, he thought he was mad. His name was Hitler. He was evil. He was sick. He listened to the devil. The devil told him things about himself, about other people, about power, about murder, about blackmail. Before long this man, this Hitler made a pact, you could say a covenant, with the devil, but it was unspoken. The devil was very clever with this man. He manipulated him even though he spoke to his mind, to his spirit. The more he spoke, the more this man believed he could do anything. That he was a genius.

The devil had an agenda. The agenda was to interfere with your Father Jehovah's Plan with the Jews. He had made a covenant, He had sent the Messiah. Some of the Jews believed and some did not, but the Plan of God was developing according to the Prophecies of the Bible. And the devil could see the end before him. It made him mad every time he saw the Power of God grow through the fulfillment of Prophecies. He (the devil) remembered Peter. He remembered Paul. He remembered Jehovah's Plan, Jesus' Plan, and it made him MAD! He placed these thoughts into this little German man with a big ego and he turned his heart against the Jewish people.

The devil has always manipulated the mind of man. He has turned Jew against Jew, Gentile against Jew, and Jew against Gentile. The Lord of all knows what is righteous, knows what is right, knows how to direct His flock. This made the devil mad and the devil decided to use this man to conquer the Christian by conquering the world, to annihilate the Jew, all at the same time.

The powers that be have certain timetables, God acts when certain things happen that will change the Power of Prophecy that was given years before. These Prophecies have Power because they are the Word of God and what the Word of God says will be done. So the devil tried to interfere with the Lord's Plan in the making and the breaking of what is right and what is wrong. Evil breeds evil, death comes to an end when My Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth makes the final Judgment.

Many people have died through the years like the Jews during World War 2, through other races, through other countries, through other times, through other leaders. The reason the Jew was singled out was because the devil, Satan himself, manipulated a little German man named Hitler to destroy the Work of God. Hitler believed it had to do with human power, but really it had to do with the Power of the Spirit. The spirit of good versus the Spirit of God, versus the spirit of the devil. The Spirit of what is right, - what is wrong. There are all kinds of spirits out there. Remember, just because you do not understand it, doesn't mean it is untrue. It doesn't mean it isn't there.

Some of the powers of certain nations around the world are being guided by the devil. Like I said in another Prophecy, "The Players have their roles, the stage has been set. Certain things have to happen before other things can happen, but the play will be finished at the proper time, at the proper place." 

Remember, only your Father Jehovah can stop the flesh, can stop the spirit. The God of All is in control of All, even though man doesn't understand why certain things happen. God is in Complete Charge with His Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth, with the Holy Spirit. Everything is on schedule and is pointed to the final Judgment. To man life and death have a different meaning, than life and death to your Father Jehovah. He controls life, He controls death. Because there is life after death doesn't mean that when you close your eyes and die that it is over. It is over if you are following Satan. It is a new beginning if you are following Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the Holy Spirit and Jehovah.

But don't worry about Hitler and the millions, of the people who died in the tsunami. I am in control of life. I am in control of death. The Potter can do what He wants with the pot. Remember, go through the narrow gate and listen to My Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Read the Bible. Help your brothers and sisters in the Lord, for the day will be upon you without notice and death will be a common thing in the coming years. Read that Bible and pray and pray! (over)