1803. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 13 November 2004 at 6:27 AM

Yesterday evening I was watching the Fox Cable news and there was someone being interviewed regarding the death of Yasser Arafat. Then I noticed this object on top of the table next to the person being interviewed. It caught my eye because I knew the shape, but I could not remember from where. It looked like a glass bowl with a cover. It was about 6 inches round and about 5 inches tall. I kept telling myself I know that shape! This interview was not very long. I believe it was taken in Palestine or Israel. Well, I went to bed not thinking about it anymore, but when I woke up the next morning I remembered where I had seen that shape. I do not know if it was the Lord showing me or just my natural thinking process. It was from the 669 Occurrence of 7 January 1995. The most shocking thing is; - this shape is already in the Israeli area.

669. Occurrence, Prophecy, and Vision on 7 January 1995 at 9:15 AM During worship at the Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International breakfast, I had a vision of a white ball. The ball looked florescent and I saw six people worshipping, bowing, and praising it, and giving glory to it. The next thing I see, this ball is in a bowl or holder of some sort. It was crisscrossed into four sections by two rows of gold leaves over laid from the top to the bottom. (The two rows of leaves cross each other at 90 degrees in the center of the ball which cuts the ball into four different sections.) At the top of the ball there is some sort of round thing.

As I watched the six men worshipping it, the Lord impressed on my mind that this was the image of the beast or idol that everyone was going to worship.

The next image that the Lord showed me was Vision #54 of a ball that was thrown into the air and it exploded.

The meaning of the ball being thrown into the air:

The Lord said He was going to do to the same thing to the ball that the beast wants people to idolize and worship. He was going to take it, and throw it into the air, and it was going to explode.

54. Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 17 May 1992 at 9:45 Sunday during Church service. Vision:

Nuclear Explosion

The Lord says:

"The Cat and the mouse will live together. Russia the Beast."

Vision :

A ball is thrown into the air. Then the ball explodes.


After this vision I took a pen and I drew a sketch of what I had seen.

Then Lord gave me this Prophecy:

"Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, you have to believe the time is here!!"


This was a very strong and powerful vision and prophecy. It shook me up. The reality of it was so strong, so vivid, that I knew it was from the Lord. It frightened me to actually see the image or the idol of beast. And right now as I am recording this on tape I see an image of a winged dragon in the spirit. I guess that's all. (over)