1799. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 28 October 2004 at 1:42 PM in Spanish

It is I.  It is I.  All that you see, all that you touch is going to change.  It is going to change for the good.

Yes, My son, all - all that you see all that you touch.  Here comes the day, yes, to the point.  Yes, - here comes My Spirit, here comes My Angles.  Here comes all that is Pure.  Did you hear Me?  All that is Pure!  Here come the things of God. 

Hurry, - rest My son.  You have worked very hard for your God.  Rest.  Yes I know that your body, that your mind is tired.  Yes, to the point.  I am going to send you money and with this money you are going to finish the bricks in front of our House.  Yes, - it is My House too My son!  When I pass, I pass with all that is Clean.  And I want to pass on the new bricks.  Why don't you believe Me?  You know and I know that ALL that I say is the Truth.  But for the mind of man it is very hard to believe the things that are straight (right) and correct. 

Don't worry, Reymundo, I will send you all that you need, but for now, I want you to rest.  I will tell you the day to the point, when I want you to Place (pour) the Oil of God in front of the House.  Yes, all will go well, to the point. 

Here comes the flame, the flame of the devil, to the point.  Yes.  But do not worry about the things of the devil, Reymundo.  For there are My Angles, there is My Spirit, there is My Love.  Yes, - here comes the day that the world is going to know that I am speaking to you.  That I am speaking to your spirit.  Here comes the day that the world is going to be frightened because they do not believe in God.  But I am going to place My Angles, My Spirit and all that is Mine in front of you and around you, for they are going to get mad, those who want to kill the little ones, and those who just want to kill. 

People do not believe in God.  But look!  I placed, I made, I finished a hole (pit).  And I am going to fill the hole (pit) with all the people that do not like Me with their heart, with their spirit.  They believe they are so intelligent, but I am going to hit them like a fly, to the point. 

I know that you have suffered these past months, but don't forget, every time I have saved you.  Every time I have taken you out of those problems you had - for you are My Heart and I am your Heart.  Yes, My son, - rest!  I will tell you the day, the date, to Place (pour) the Oil in front of your house, to the point.  Yes, - you are Mine and I am yours and that's the way it has to be - the things of God, to the point.  Yes My son, rest!  Here comes your money to finish the work of God.  There comes the days of rest.  Yes, My beautiful one.  There come the things of God.  (over)