1788. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 6 August 2004 at 5:26 PM

The Love of Christ is infinite.  The Love of Jehovah is infinite.  The Love of the Holy Spirit is infinite.  Remember, everything that will be, everything that can be shaken up, will be shaken up.  The peace will break and the war will begin.  The Horse is ready.  The Prostitute is ready.  The Antichrist is ready.  Everyone is waiting for the Horn of Heaven.  Remember, what can be shaken up, will be shaken up.  As the wheels of the tanks roll over the countryside, so will the planes fly overhead, looking, seeking things to destroy in the manner of the devil.  

The ways of man are finished.  The ways of the Lord are coming.  People do not believe that the Lord is coming.  They have gotten tired of waiting.  They started looking for other gods, other ways of easing their minds about the future, about life after death.  But don't kid yourself; - the Lord is there, God Almighty is there, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, Jehovah God, have always been there and will always be there.  

Remember, what man tells you, is a lie.  Man needs to get based on the foundation of the Lord.  They need to read the Bible, they need to Pray, they need to have Communion.  The ways of the devil are hard, are pointed to the Pit.  Don't listen to things that are unchristian.  Don't listen to things of other gods.  Don't listen to Allah, don't listen to Buddha, don't listen to the Hindu religion.  Don't listen to anyone, but get on your knees and pray, read the Bible, seek your brothers and sisters in the streets.  Look with the Eye of Jesus, focus with the Eye of Jesus, concentrate with the Eyes and Heart of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  

The King of kings will come; will ride with the Horse to the battlegrounds.  The Army of Jesus is ready.  The devil is being prepared for the slaughter.  Don't be stupid, don't follow the devil.  The ways of God are Lasting, are Trustworthy.  The Ways of God last for eternity.  Remember, the Peace of Heaven will fall upon earth after the Great War.  Remember, the Peace of Heaven is the Love of God.  Nothing can move it, nothing can change it, nothing can outdo it.  But the troubled times are ahead, so be cautious, be vigilant, and seek your Father, seek your King of kings, seek the Holy Spirit.  When the sword strikes the ground, the ground will shake, the heavens will shake.  Be ready, be strong, be brave.  So be it, so be it, so be it. (over)