1785. Prophecy and Visions given to Raymond on 2 August 2004 at 4:50 PM


Vision 7 July 2004:

I saw a lit White Candle, then a large capital C appeared before it.

Vision 2 August 2004:


I see a hard dry puddle of White Wax. As I watched the Wax melted and formed a standing lit White Candle.


I see a Head of a Lamb.


Now I see a small horse saddle of some sort.


I see a golf club and golf ball.


I see the number 6, but I sense it is and upside down 9.


I see the letter F or it is a gun in the shape of the letter F. The image seems to be interchanging.


I see two U shaped wires bonded together to this block. As I watched this vision I noticed a hole developing in the block between the U shaped wires.


I saw the rear end of a large passenger Jet plane from the bottom up.


I am what you see. I am what you touch. I am everything.

The hammer and the anvil will ring a sound that will resonate around the world.

The Horse will find the saddle.

The dog will find the meat.

Everything has its course - everything has its timing.

When the clock strikes twelve - Paris will blow its top. The Eiffel Tower will be no more.

The hounds will chase the hare.

The Hare will run in its hole.

The flame will cover the ground. The wild fire will go where it pleases, but the hare will be safe in its hole.

The march will begin when the disc is thrown.

The piercing arrow will strike its target.

Remember the hounds and the hare.

Remember the horseless rider.

The violence the evilness is before you.

The donkey is useless but the elephant is fair.

Remember the coming of the Lord is before you.

You cannot run. You cannot hide.

The Peace of Peace is the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

The death of many are in the hands of Allah.

Everything will run it's course and everything will follow a plan.

Evilness breeds evilness.

The course is rough - the course is smooth.

You can apply the brakes, but the brakes will not stop the evil of this world.

The Power of Jesus Christ of Nazareth is before you. The Power of the Holy Spirit is before you. The Eyes of Jehovah see ALL.

Remember, the piercing arrow will come.

The fall of France is before you. Evil that breeds evil is evil. (over)