1783. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 7 July 2004 at 8:39 PM.

I am the Lord.  I am what you see.  I am what you touch.  I am everything; everything that was, everything that is, everything that will be.  Remember, the things that happen are the will of God, to the point.  The evil of this world is of the devil.  I let it be, because certain prophecies have to be fulfilled - exactly to the point. 

People try to assume, try to acknowledge, try to analyze the things of God, the ways of God.  The things of God are beyond man's comprehension.  The ways of man are evil, but if he focuses on your Father Jehovah, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit the Doors of Heaven will be opened to you - clearly, to the point.  Remember, there is only one way to Heaven and that is through Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  Follow the Word, follow your faith, pick up your cross and follow Jesus and you will be in Heaven for all the time there is time. 

There is a dark shadow upon the planet earth right now.  There is uncertainty - there is wars and rumors of wars, evil upon evil.  A lot of it is manifested by man himself with the help of the devil.  Sometimes man thinks he likes to play the role of god, but the role of God belongs to God.  Anyone who tries to play God plays with the devil.  Remember, the ways of God are clean; are pure; are righteous; are to the point.  There is only one God.  So read your Bible and pray and pray and seek all that is righteous.  Seek your Father Jehovah, your King of Kings Jesus Christ of Nazareth and the Holy Spirit.  The things of Heaven will be revealed at the appointed time, but remember the dark cloud is above this planet earth.  At one point in time everything will look hopeless - will look dark, will look gloomy. 

I know that this so called Allah god is of the devil.  It always has been and always will be.  People were deceived many hundreds of years ago through this spirit of Allah.  This Allah is nothing but a demonic spirit through which Muslims believe they are reaching a god of some sort - and looking for fulfillment in their worldly desires. There is no future - nothing but death, nothing but Hades in this god.  But Allah is not the only evil god; there are many, many gods in this world, which creates this dark cloud that surrounds it.  And it gets bigger and bigger and bigger as time goes, because evil breeds evil. 

The ways of God are simple; the ways of God is through: - Do unto others as you have them do unto you, - obey and love your Father Jehovah with all of your heart, mind and soul.  The ways of God are simple - sometimes people make them very hard and difficult, but the ways of the devil are always influencing people to look the other way.  You know the parable about the seed that fell upon the rocks.  Read that in the Bible and you will understand how something good can be turned bad through the influence of the devil.  But a good tree always has good fruit.  A good tree always has good fruit.  A bad tree cannot produce good fruit.  These are just some small sayings that are in the Bible.  Some people dismiss the Bible as a book of history, some people dismiss the Bible as a book of fantasy, but they will see when the end comes what that book means.  You can tell them, you can tell them and you can tell them, but they are blind and they are dumb.  They will never understand the ways of God, because they don't know God, they do not have the Spirit of God. 

Remember, those that will be saved WILL BE SAVED!  Those that are destined for damnation will be damned.  Some you will love - some you will hate, but they all had the opportunity and the desire to seek their God - their Jehovah, their Jesus Christ, their Holy Spirit.  Everybody has that little spark - you can light it up or turn it off.  As the time goes by the evil will get bigger; Christians will be persecuted. 

The power of the devil is fighting for its life because it knows that it's time is limited.  But there is a plan that the Lord has set out, and if you read the Bible you will understand most of it.  The time schedule varies from man to man, but the absolute schedule is at God's Hands.  God has written it.  God has placed it into motion.  God will implement it.  Those are the Words of God.  Things will happen when they are supposed to happen.  Man cannot influence, man cannot change God in any manner, way or form.  Once the Lord has said something is going to happen - it is going to happen.  ONLY GOD can change it!  But the way things go, man is nothing and God is everything. 

Pray to God.  Pray for salvation.  Love your neighbor.  Love your God - with all of your heart, all your mind, all of your soul, and He will see you through these troubled times.  Remember, through the Power of the Word of God - through the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, through the Power of the Holy Spirit - all will be completed, to the point, to the letter.  Remember, this is the Word of Jehovah, this is the Word of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, this is the Word of the Holy Spirit, through My Prophet, Reymundo.  Remember Reymundo, you are the Anointed. Peace be with you and your family. 

The time has come for certain things to happen and the power of God will be manifested around the world through the different Prophets, through the different people who deliver My Word.  The ax has been sharpened, the pistol has been pointed, the trigger on the bomb has been set.  Remember, the end is before you, but the beginning has begun for all those who believe in Jehovah, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.  So be it!  So be it!  So be it!