1780. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 26 April 2004 at 7 PM

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

I guess this morning is the morning for testimonies.  As most of you know, we are trying to setup an Internet Television Station for churches.  Well, I had a short talk with Lois yesterday on the progress of our website (http://ctbn.com) and we disgusted on how sometimes the Lord tells us to go or move over there, blindly.  And this television station setup is one of those times.  We just follow the Lord blindly not knowing where we are going or even how we are going to get there.  But once one has made that commitment to Him - you know you have to find that inter strength to do what He wants. 

Well, since my return from Asia I have been moving blindly without personal knowledge of how to setup this Internet Television Station, but Stewart and Lois keep telling me we can do this.  Since we are always lacking funds I am always looking for ways to save money.  I heard there was a company in the east bay that manufactured expensive speakers for rock stars and they destroyed their test speakers and threw them in a dumpster in the back of their yard.  Well, for some reason in the back of my mind I thought maybe we may need some good speakers for the television station. 

So I asked Eva if she wanted to go with me and she said, "yes".  So we placed Jason in the back of the truck and we headed for this dumpster which might have speakers that we may never use.  Well, before long I was inside this large dumpster (about 8x20x7) going through their garbage looking for audio speakers that might need fixing. 

I did find a few audio speakers that I could fix, but on the way home I realized that I am a very strange person at 61 years of age.  The thought of Eva and Jason sitting in the truck, while I am lost inside this large garbage dumpster seemed dumb, but maybe I am doing something for the Lord is what kept going through my mind.  I said to Eva has we drove home, you know last month I was in Asia on a mission trip for the Lord, and today, I am inside a garbage box looking for audio speakers that I may never use for the ministry.  The strange things people do to follow our Lord.  Isn't one suppose to get wiser as one ages?